The Internet finds a new way to indirectly criticize ‘Morbius’ with the reactions to the trailer of ‘The Super Mario Bros. Movie’

Credit: Sony / Lighting / Nintendo

The initial reactions of the day to the first look at The Super Mario Bros movie are ending, which mostly involved a lukewarm reception for Chris Pratt as Mario and outright fanfare for Twenty-one What Bowser. The latest of those two has given a dead but still ticklish meme a new lease on life.

‘It’s Bowsin’ Time’ is, of course, a reference to a movie that the internet loves to hate, that was hated to the point of delusional humor and vice versa: the infamous morbid, starring 30 Seconds to Mars frontman turned infamous and obnoxious actor Jared Leto as the title character.

With an absolutely ridiculous 15 percent critics score on Rotten Tomatoes and a 71 percent audience score (which, we’re convinced, is a reverse review blitz for the sake of timing), Morbius was universally despised. It got to a point where thousands and thousands of variations of the phrase “My favorite part was when Morbius said ‘It’s Morbin time’ and Morbed everywhere” were circulating the internet and leaving people speechless.

The meme became so popular that it even led to Sony re-releasing the movie in theaters, which was a misread and caused the movie to blitz again. But then the meme really died once Leto himself decided to get in on the joke and Morbed everywhere. Thanks for that, Jared.

Considering the overall positive social media reaction to Jack Black as Bowser, we don’t think the intention behind ‘It’s Bowsin Time’ is to disparage a bad movie. After all, we’ve only seen about two minutes of it so far. But it still made us laugh and a healthy dose of post-morbatic giggles.

All in all, The Super Mario Bros movie it looks genuinely beautiful, to the point that fans regret past sins against penguins in Super Mario 64 in the 90’s after its cute shine in the trailer. The Super Mario Bros movie hits theaters April 7, 2023.

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