The Lord of the Rings: Has Episode 5 Finally Revealed Sauron’s Former Appearance?

news culture The Lord of the Rings: Has Episode 5 Finally Revealed Sauron’s Former Appearance?

The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power series spawns many theories, including what Sauron looked like. Episode 5 may have given us an answer…

Episode 5 of The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power just premiered on Amazon Prime Video. The fans are always in search of Sauron in the series …

A new character that could be Annatar, aka Sauron

Several characters already seen in the series could be Sauron, according to various fan theories. One of the main characters cited by the series’ followers has arrived during the last episode. In this one, three figures dressed in white stealthily appear. They are played by Bridie Sisson (character credited as “The Dweller”), Edith Poor (character credited as “The Nomad”) and Kali Kopae (character credited as “The Ascetic”). And justly, Bridie Sisson’s character is seen by many as Annatar, nickname taken by Sauron when he deceives the Elves. Indeed, the character shown in the series has some of the features associated with Annatar in the Silmarillonin particular a seductive appearance in order to put the Elves on his sideand push them to forge the famous Rings.

Other elements are added to this theory. Indeed, if Annatar is already putting his plan into action, he might have begun to corrupt the Elves. On Reddit, user LoretiTV had great success with his analysis of the situation. According to him, Sauron, in the form of Annatar, is already influencing the Elves. He would have them like this forced to send Galadriel awaysince it represented today’s greatest threat for him, so much she wanted find it and hunt it. Annatar would also poisoned the tree to make them think that their end is nearand push them to build the forge in a hurry.

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The Stranger, rather Sauron or Gandalf?

Other theories exist though, and the character played by Bridie Sisson might not be Sauron, even in his Annatar guise. In episode 5, the latter goes to the place of the impact of the meteor falling from the sky. Exactly, it’s a character called the Stranger which had fallen from the sky, and it seems that some rather creepy people (like the three figures in white mentioned earlier) are looking for it. If these strange looking characters are in the pay of Darkness it can both mean that the Stranger is not Sauron (since he would not be looking for himself), or that he is Sauron, l has forgotten, and that his disciples are looking for him! In effect, the Stranger himself does not really know who he isand it has devastating powers. We see for example freeze his arm and that of a Pievelu whispering incantations. It also seems to be in the grip of an inner conflict, between good and bad. Whether the other characters trust him (Waldreg telling him that he is doing good), doubts remain.

The Lord of the Rings: Has Episode 5 Finally Revealed Sauron's Former Appearance?

The Lord of the Rings: Has Episode 5 Finally Revealed Sauron's Former Appearance?

The theory of the Stranger Sauron had started even before the launch of the series. Indeed, the poster dedicated to him shows him holding an apple … Fans knowing the biblical references recalled that this apple carried the symbolism of betrayal. However, the theories about this character and his mysterious powers are numerous, many seeing in him a young Gandalf. Some even wonder if not Saruman!

Adar, too obvious to be Sauron?

Finally, among the other theories relayed, there remains one. It is, however, the one that fans seem to subscribe to the least, of those worth mentioning for now. Sauron could hide behind the face of Adar, leader of the Orcs. With its pointed ears similar to those of the Elves, he is not an Orc like the others. Some argue that it could be an Elf who found himself in darkness and mounted his own army there. Let us add that it seems very interested in the black sword hilt worn by Theowhich an innkeeper claimed to be more than just a sword. It could be a special weapon that Sauron is looking for. Add to this the fact that Adar has a lot of ambition for an orc. He explains that he wants to become the god of this world, and affirms to one of his soldiers that the sun will soon be gone. He adds that with the disappearance of the sun, the part of him that knew the heat will go away. It could correspond to a corrupt Elf surrendering to darkness.

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The Lord of the Rings: Has Episode 5 Finally Revealed Sauron's Former Appearance?

If a few fans, and Waldreg’s character himself seem convinced that Sauron and Adar are one, the theory has shortcomings. First, the fact that a character like Waldreg tells the spectator “directly” that a character is Sauron, would have rather tends to make us think that it is a false track. Then Sauron is not an Elf. He did, however, make the Elves believe he was one of them, which might provide an explanation.

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Obviously, it is also possible that none of these three characters are Sauron, and that he has not yet been introduced to us. To find out, you will have to see the sequel to The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, on Amazon Prime Video.

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