The Lord of the Rings Rings of Power: Amazon Series Offers Visuals of Galadriel and Celebrimbor

news culture The Lord of the Rings Rings of Power: Amazon Series Offers Visuals of Galadriel and Celebrimbor

In less than three months, Amazon Prime Video subscribers will have discovered the first episode or episodes of The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power series. In the meantime, the series is revealed in small touches, in particular through promotional images and photographs.

A few days ago, Empire magazine unveiled its new issue, which made its cover on The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, which will be released on September 2. On this occasion, we were treated to a unique visual of Galadriel (Morfydd Clark), to a photo of the Harfoots, a branch of the Hobbits with Poppy (Megan Richards), Elanor (Markella Kavenagh) and Sadoc (Lenny Henry)but also to an image of the dwarves, represented by Durin IV and Disa, portrayed on screen by Owain Arthur and Sophia Nomvete.

Celebrimbor, pivotal character, is revealed

So many characters who will have a role to play in this vast heroic-fantasy fresco, which will evoke the fall of Numenor, the offensive led on Valinor, and the creation of multiple rings of power. You would have understood it, The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power will take place in the Second Age, before The Lord of the Rings, at a time where Sauron, the disciple of Morgoth, begins his ascent to the dark throne.

If you’ve read the various books or played Shadow of Mordor / Shadow of War, you’ve already heard of Celebrimbor, the Elven blacksmith deceived by Sauron and who forged the Rings of Power while the Dark Lord secretly forged a master Ring. The series telling the creation of these rings, it was unthinkable not to have Celebrimbor. The latter, embodied by Charles Edward (The Crown), showed himself for the very first time yesterday, in a photograph published exclusively by Empire.

One of the central figures in the story is the character Celebrimbor. He is an Elven smith who was manipulated to help create the Rings of Power. We’re excited to bring it to Middle-earth. He is very mysterious. It will take you to the steps of Cirith Ungol and Spider’s Lair (new translation) where friends betray each other and characters are drawn into Mordor. It is a heartbreaking experience that you are going through. But in the end, there’s always a star in the sky that says, “Keep going.” We wanted to find this spirit in this series, indicates JD Payne, the showrunner.

A younger and less experienced Galadriel

At the same time, we had the right to a new image of Morfydd Clark, who has the daunting task of reprising the role of Galadriel, Lady of Lórien. We will find her much younger and ready for adventure. This is also why the character swaps her long white dress from the films of Peter Jackson against armor. In The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, Galadriel is therefore younger (for an elf) and has “still a lot to learn” :

I had to find that balance between someone who has that eternal aspect but hasn’t seen it all yet. Don’t expect the same character you’ll meet later. Galadriel is legendary. Cate Blanchett as Galadriel was legendary. Tolkien himself is legendary! added the actress.

Remember that according to Gamespot, at least 5 seasons are planned, and that the premiere cost a whopping $465 million. A huge budget for an extremely ambitious series on which we find John Howe, the legendary illustrator. It remains to be seen how the writers have integrated the new stories within the “canon” framework, and whether the series will succeed in appealing to fans of Tolkien’s universe, but also newcomers.

Find out more about the Lord of the Rings universe

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