The Lost Ark Machinist class release date is just around the corner

The long-awaited release date for the Lost Ark Machinist class is finally on the horizon. The MMO game’s fifth advanced class for the Gunner is set to release on September 28, and while there’s no shortage of ranged attackers, the Machinist promises to be something a bit more unique.

The Machinist uses pistols, obviously, along with grenades and even drones to unleash a coordinated barrage of explosions and overwhelm his opponents. His kit has four different attack styles. Normal attacks involve weapons and explosives, while drone strikes send out the machinist’s drone to launch remote strikes, fire lasers and missiles, or even summon a squad of smaller drones.

Joint attacks make the Machinist work together with the drone for even more powerful moves, and Synch makes use of the Machinist’s identity ability.

Activating the Hypersync ability brings up the special Machinist suit that comes with a new set of spectacular and destructive abilities.

Machininst etchings allow you to specialize in synchronization abilities to get the most out of the Hypersynch suit or drone and outfit attacks. The Evolutionary Legacy Engraving increases damage dealt by two percent when synchronization attacks hit, but only stacks three times. It also restores 40 percent of your core energy cost if you cancel attacks.

Arthetinean Skill increases the damage of drones and joint abilities by 15 percent at base level, while the maximum hitter gets a 10 percent increase. Movement speed is increased when the drone is also connected to you.

Amazon Games said that the September update will include special progression events designed to help you get the Machinist to Tier 3 quickly so you can lead him to Guardian Raids and other challenging end-game content.

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If you’re looking to brush up on your Lost Ark knowledge before Machinist launches, check out our list of Lost Ark class tiers to see which ones best suit your needs, and pick up some Mokoko Seeds for exclusive rewards.

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