‘The Marvels’ Star Praises Director Nia DaCosta

Image via Marvel Studios/Disney Plus

Marvel’s synergistic title the wonders comes out next year, is being created by mrs wonder now on Disney Plus and although not much is known about the plot, director Nia DaCosta receives praise from Zawe Ashton, who says that she is a guiding light.

“I can’t, I just can’t say a single thing. Other than that I had the best time. And Nia DaCosta is one of the guiding lights of directors that we have. She is so precious and special and the doors that she is going to open, that she has already opened, are extremely, extremely exciting.”

The actress who plays an undisclosed villain in the production comments on the play’s director in an article published by Variety This day. Ashton adds that she met DaCosta shortly after the COVID-19 pandemic swept the world and the two have connected like magnets ever since with their respect for each other’s work in the entertainment industry up to this point.

“You know, I met her for a really low-budget period piece right when the pandemic hit and we got on like a house on fire. the candy man it hadn’t come out yet, but we knew each other well enough: I’d seen his brilliant feature debut small forest and I was very impressed and I thought: ‘I would like to work with that woman one day.’ So it was just a meeting of the minds, the vision of souls, and she decided to take me on one of the greatest journeys that she could go on.”

the wonders it is DaCosta’s third film as director overall. It opens on July 28 and is Ashton’s 11th.

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