The Minecraft map has finally been fully mined, after five years.

The Minecraft map is huge, so big it can be hard to wrap your head around (and pick up and shovel). For most players, they’ll be starting a new world long before they see the entirety of the old one, clearing it of diamonds, redstone, and other valuables, and then moving on to new land. However, one player, YouTuber Minthical, takes a considerably more comprehensive approach.

While we usually write about awesome Minecraft builds, like people recreating MS paint or magical towns that transform, it’s a bit more rare that a good Minecraft map is worth writing about. Well, at least the officers; the one from IKEA really speaks for itself. However, this map is different, because it is not about what has been created, but what has been destroyed.

Minthical is a YouTuber who, for the past five years, has mined every block on a single map. For reference, that’s over 45 million blocks. On August 12, Minthical live streamed how close they are to completing this doomsday challenge. During the video they talk about how many blocks they have mined, the challenges of doing so, and also some important notes about scaling. It’s an excellent showcase for statistics fans. They think they’ll be done with the project in September, so if you want to make sure you’re there when the last block is mined, make sure to subscribe.

If you like the sound of erasing everything but don’t want to spend five years doing it, you’ll be happy to know that we’ve got all the Minecraft console commands and cheats for you. We’ve also got everything you need to know about ancient cities, in case you’d rather explore a bit.

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