The most characteristic element of Wild Hearts was also the most problematic at the beginning of development – Wild Hearts – 3dgames

When AE presented Wild Hearts for the first time, the community paid particular attention to two details: first, its similarity to Monster Hunter as to his proposal to take us hunting among giant beasts; and second, due to the presence of some artifacts in battle that serve to distance the title from the well-known Capcom saga. This latter engineering product is known as karakuriand the publisher has not hesitated to show us its potential through a trailer loaded with information and combat.

“At first, [los karakuri] they were more difficult and complicated than now” (Kotaro Hirata)

However, it seems that Omega Force, developer of the game, spent a long time polishing the correct implementation of the karakuri. And it is that, according to the director Kotaro Hirata in GamesRadar+, these artifacts were not well received in the first tests of Wild Hearts: “At first, [los karakuri] they were more difficult and complicated than now”.

“I think one of the biggest differences between the karakuri then and now is that we originally tried to configure them more freely”, explains the director. However, this decision caused the manufacture of the artifacts to be too slow to be carried out in a battle where quick reflexes prevail. And, although Omega Force thought of guiding the players in the correct use of the karakuri, they ended up discarding the idea in pursuit of an implementation more in line with the characteristics of the title: “I think that one of the most important elements in hunting games it’s how big enemies fight with the player, so this is why we had some feedback about our karakuri they were not engaged enough in the battle”.

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EA has all its trust in Wild Hearts

Luckily, Omega Force ended up polishing up the gameplay around their karakuri with a more focus on combat speed. This set of decisions has made EA look favorably on development, which is why claims to have high hopes for Wild Hearts ahead of its launch dated for the February 17th.

At 3DJuegos we have had the opportunity to test the usefulness of the karakuri and, as you can read in our first impressions of Wild Heartsit turns out that they are perfect to complement the classic combos through something fresher.

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