The next thing from the authors of PUBG: Battlegrounds can be seen in a new trailer with fantasy and death

The project has not yet revealed great details, so we do not know its official name.

Krafton has already left us with such popular experiences as PUBG: Battlegrounds, so it’s no surprise to hear that the community is keeping an eye out for all news related to your next game. After all, this project has not yet revealed an official name, although we already know that it intends to adapt a series of Korean fantasy novels called The Bird That Drinks Tears.

We still do not know the official name or confirmed platformsNow, the development team has wanted to keep our attention with a trailer that, although it does not show gameplay scenes and leaves us with the same unknowns that we had before, serves to insist on an approach that mixes magical contexts with death. In this way, Krafton still does not share an official title or platforms on which we could expect this release.

However, fans of The Bird That Drinks Tears will recognize several aspects of this cinematic. Here we meet one of the main characters of the books who, known by the name of ‘Nhagas dining room‘, he hunts these reptilian-like creatures while speaking of the return of the dead.

We will continue to monitor all Krafton publications in case more information about this ambitious project is revealed. Meanwhile, we can liven up the wait with some of the upcoming releases that the company prepares together with developers that it welcomes under its wing, such as the strategy proposal with miniature figures of Moonbreaker, or The Callisto Protocol, which has all the keys to becoming the most terrifying game of the year.

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