The performance of Marvel’s Spider-Man on PC with DLSS 3 will be devastating

Spidey’s New York will also receive Nvidia Reflex technology to improve latency when swinging like a monkey.

We continue to reap the fruits left by Jensen Huangpresident of Nvidia, during his GeForce Beyondin which it has presented the new RTX 4090 and 4080 cards, in addition to a good collection of technologies, such as the new version of its AI rescaling technique: DLSS 3, with the Frame Generation technique. Apparently, one of the first titles to benefit from its advantages will be Marvel’s Spider-Manwhich will be updated soon.

In the video you can see a morrocotudo increase in performance, with peaks of over 230 frames per secondbut seeing how sometimes benchmarks don’t make it very clear how fast GPUs really are, we don’t really know in which terms the tests have been carried out.

DLSS 3 is a feature exclusive to the RTX 40 series of graphics cardsfrom the Ada Lovelace family, which takes advantage of new AI techniques to double the frame rate based on generate intermediate frames thanks to the famous Tensor cores. What is interesting, furthermore, is that it serves to complement the bottlenecks that can be caused by those titles that depend more on CPU workwith which, in principle, they would avoid having to make improvements to components in the processor or RAM.

Although no dates have been communicated for this new Spider-Man update, we imagine it will arrive around octoberwhich is when the RTX 4090 will be launched to whet your appetite —and a hole in the wallets of those who get hold of it, especially if you live in any territory other than the US. Remember that the RTX 4080, in its two models, should arrive by novemberbut there is no fixed date either.

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