The plot of Final Fantasy 16 deals with the fight for control of the magical oil

Square Enix teased a shred of Final Fantasy 16 plot information after first announcing the game in 2021, but a new Famitsu interview with producer Naoki Yoshida, translated by Aita Japan CEO and Twitter handle Audrey, sheds a little more light on what drives the people of Valisthea to war in the upcoming RPG. Each nation is built around a Mother Crystal, an aether source that Yoshida says is the Final Fantasy 16 equivalent of an oil well. The continent is awash in this magical oil, and eventually countries were formed around each crystal.

War breaks out when that supply starts to run low, but it’s not your usual war.

A country’s proximity to the ether, the amount available, and how they choose to use it shaped the culture of developing nations and, more importantly, their views on the Dominants and the Eikons that inhabit them. Yoshida compares the Eikons and Dominants to nuclear weapons. They help guide national politics in some countries, winning places in legislative bodies or even assuming leadership roles, although other countries exploit them as tools of destruction.

Normally, the use of Eikons in battle is prohibited, but when war breaks out across the aether, all nations seem happy to ignore this rule.

The problem is that the Grand Duchy of Rosaria, where Clive, the protagonist of Final Fantasy 16, comes from, has two Eikons. One is Phoenix, the regular Eikon of the dukedom in the form of Clive’s younger brother Joshua. That should be the only Fire Eikon allowed, except Ifrit evidently didn’t read the rulebook.

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The struggle to harness these powers and how the conflict shapes the lives of the Dominants inextricably linked to the Eikons is the backbone of Final Fantasy 16, says Yoshida, giving rise to its themes of bonds and free choice of one’s destiny. It also means that we can directly control mass calls.

Elsewhere, Yoshida said the goal is to release another Final Fantasy 16 trailer later in 2022 before the game’s release in summer 2023. If that seems like too long to wait, Square Enix has a lot of Final Fantasy in store for this year. , including a remaster of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7.

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