The ‘Prey’ star couldn’t be more proud of the film’s indigenous representation

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the Predator The franchise is taking on a new look as a highly anticipated sequel, Preymakes his long-awaited debut.

Set in 1719, Prey sees a Comanche woman named Naru who hopes to take her training as a healer and become a warrior and protector of her tribe and people. Amber Midthunder plays Naru and is honored to be a part of this project and the story they are telling.

In a chat with Murphy’s MultiverseMidthunder says that she is very proud of the representation in Prey; It’s something that means a lot to her.

“That’s what I’m most proud of about this film. I think it’s an obviously entertaining and amazing movie. It’s beautiful, and all that, but personally I’m proud of the rendering element and what it does. All of the projects you mentioned are working together to show that indigenous peoples, filmmakers, and actors can make shows and movies that are entertaining and relatable.”

Midthunder goes on to say that she is also proud of the multi-faceted characters in Prey; they are relatable and authentic, and most importantly: they are people, not a stereotype.

“We have been storytellers for a long time. We have something valuable to add not only in this field but in any field. There’s also the fact that every time you see a period movie, I can’t think of one where you see the natives being people. People you hang out with and they’re smart. People who have a variety of personalities. You often see someone being really wild or too spiritualized or one-dimensional, so I’m proud of that too.”

The magnitude of the story, the characters and the alien invaders will be overwhelming, in the most exciting way, and the wait is finally over. Prey is now streaming on Hulu.

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