The price of 4K TVs is falling in full inflation and here are the best offers of the French Days 2022

The small world of 4K TVs is moving very quickly. OLED TV, QLED TV, Ambilight… today, tons of technologies compete with each other and it is sometimes difficult to find your way around as there are great disparities in prices. The French Days being an opportunity to buy a new 4K TV, I personally take care of helping you find the best offers of the moment, among all the French merchant sites that are offering promotions!


  • The best 4K TV offer of the French Days 2022: the QD OLED of the Samsung S95B is at least 54%
  • The queen of OLED TVs is on sale for the French Days! Here is the LG C2 at a bargain price
  • Want a 4K TV for very little money? We found a model for the French Days
  • Ambilight technology in Philips TVs is brilliant… and at a great price during the French Days
  • This magnificent 4K QLED TV with HDMI 2.1 is entitled to a big promotion for the French Days!
  • Want a really big 4K TV? This huge 75-inch Google QLED TV is on sale during the French Days

The best 4K TV offer of the French Days 2022: the QD OLED of the Samsung S95B is at least 54%

After refusing to produce OLED for years, Samsung is selling a nugget in 2022: the S95B. The engineers of the Seoul firm invented their own technology, the QD-OLED.

QD OLED panels are the best in the world today. In addition to offering the infinite contrast level of OLED (perfect blacks), the Samsung S95B achieves a very high level of brightness. A real technical feat.

And that’s not all ! By combining QLED and OLED, Samsung also promises absolutely monstrous color space coverage and improved viewing angles. I saw the S95B with my own eyes, and I’m telling you: it’s one of the best 4K TVs in the world, no more and no less.

It’s perfect for the cinema, for PS5 and Xbox Series gaming, for all “connected” features… really, it’s very difficult to find better. Such quality comes at a price: around €2,500 at launch for a 55-inch S95B (139 cm diagonal, the most standard size these days).

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For the French Days, Samsung’s first QD OLED TV drops to €1,149 at Rue du Commerce. Already 54% off, it’s crazy.

Attention, to reach this price you have to go through a reimbursement offer (ODR) of 200€. Basically, you advance the sum, you fill a quick form on the Samsung site and the Korean manufacturer will send you a transfer shortly after.

  • Launch price: 2499€
  • Price after promo: 1349€
  • Price after ODR : 1149€

This promo left me speechless, very sincerely. This is by far the best 4K TV deal around. If you can afford it, go for it.

Buy the 55-inch S95B at €1,149 at Rue du Commerce

Buy the 65-inch Samsung S95B at €1,699 at Rue du Commerce

The price of 4K TVs is falling in full inflation and here are the best offers of the French Days 2022

I myself tested extensively the LG 55 C2 for JVTECH. My verdict is final: the beast was entitled to the maximum score of 5/5. Here is what I said at the conclusion of this test:

To find negative points in the LG 55 C2, you really have to quibble. The famous C range has improved even further and will remain a benchmark again this year, for sure. We say it: the C2 is one of the best 4K TVs of 2022, whether for cinema or gaming. The image is sublime, very bright for OLED and almost all the features you can imagine are there.

I love LG’s remote and interface. If you prefer to trust LG rather than Samsung (if you really care about Dolby Vision, for example), the price is excellent. Launched at €1999, the 55-inch LG C2 goes to €1399 at Fnac for the French Days. A great deal!

Some people have the space and the desire to have a bigger TV. For the 165 cm diameter, 65 inch version, there is also a promo! The best price we found during these French Days is at, an ultra-reliable specialized site (I bought my soundbar myself there): 1890€ instead of 2699€.

Buy the 55 C2 at 1399€ at Fnac

Buy the C2 65 inches at 1890€ at

Want a 4K TV for very little money? We found a model for the French Days

The price of 4K TVs is falling in full inflation and here are the best offers of the French Days 2022

Since the beginning of this selection, I have expressed myself as an enthusiast and I have offered you TVs that are certainly extraordinarily beautiful and efficient, but, it must be said, quite expensive (even if the value for money is worth it).

Not everyone can or does not want to put a 4-figure sum in their new TV, and that is understandable. So, in order to complete this selection, I looked for 4K TVs that do most of the work for the lowest possible price.

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Here is the Samsung TU70. The brand reputation precedes it, Samsung is good quality.

  • In terms of panel technology, for this price, there is no QLED panel (and even less OLED). The technology behind the panel is certainly less expensive for both the manufacturer and the consumer, but that doesn’t mean you’ll end up with a cheap image.
  • For an LED TV, the contrast level is quite good. The colors are faithful and the brightness is very high (this is Samsung’s great strength). Several image enhancement modes are available, including Filmaker mode able to faithfully transcribe the vision of the directors.
  • Speaking of display modes, there is also a Game Mode available. The TV is ALLM and HDR compatible for better image rendering and more fluidity in play. The PS5 and Xbox Series X are respected.

This versatile mid-range Samsung 4K TV loses a few hundred euros during the French Days. The best price I found for you is on Cdiscount! If you want a mid-size screen, you can get away with it for $399. If you prefer a large size, it will be 599€!

Buy the Samsung 50TU70 at €399 at Cdiscount

Buy the Samsung 65TU70 at €599 on Cdiscount

Ambilight technology in Philips TVs is brilliant… and at a great price during the French Days

The price of 4K TVs is falling in full inflation and here are the best offers of the French Days 2022

Ambilight is a technology invented by Philips, world leader in connected lighting with its famous Philips Hue bulbs.

The principle of Ambilight is to strongly reinforce the immersion of the spectators thanks to… an LED strip. The AI ​​in the TV constantly analyzes the image displayed on the panel and illuminates the back of the panel accordingly.

Basically, if a red lightsaber passes through the left edge of the screen, that same left edge will project red light behind the TV. The sensation of Ambilight is quite difficult to describe, but people who have tested it are almost unanimous: the effect is impressive.

This is THE great strength and THE great particularity of this 55-inch model. If this makes you dream, the Philips PUS79 is currently at €499 instead of €599 at Carrefour.

Buy the Philips PUS79 with Ambilight for €499 at Carrefour

The price of 4K TVs is falling in full inflation and here are the best offers of the French Days 2022

I am the most specialized journalist in TV of all the editorial staff of JV. For me, this beauty offers perhaps the best value for money of the French Days for average budgets.

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Launched at €649, the Hisense 55A7G7 is a very good 4K TV, comfortable for next-gen gaming thanks to the famous HDMI 2.1 port and in cinema thanks to the QLED technology usually found at Samsung.

To make it brief, a QLED TV uses nano particles, “quantum dots”, which react to the passage of light. It is these quantum dots that act as filters by being placed directly on the backlight diodes. Result: QLED TVs can have access to a very wide color range, a good level of contrast and very strong brightness.

These somewhat premium technologies can be expensive. Not here. The Hisense 55A7GQ was launched at the aggressive price of €649. Today, it drops to €499, still for 55 inches. What a pleasure.

Buy the Hisense 55A7GQ at 499 on

The price of 4K TVs is falling in full inflation and here are the best offers of the French Days 2022

TCL is a Chinese manufacturer widely known and rewarded for its hyper aggressive prices while maintaining a large technological lead.

The C63 range to which this model belongs is sublime. The design is almost edge to edge, the Google operating system is ultra ergonomic and complete, the image is enhanced by QLED technology… in short, it’s very good.

If you need a full-size 4K TV, I think this offer is the best one around. To be entitled to a discount of 150€, take advantage of therefund offer from TCL!

Buy the TCL 75QLED760 at 1069€ at Cdiscount

What are the French Days?

The French Days are a period during which all French distributors launch numerous promotions on various and varied products. Participating merchants this year will be as usual: Cdiscount, Fnac, Darty, Baker or Shopping street and many others !

What are the dates of the French Days 2022?

The sites we have just mentioned can from Friday September 23 until Monday September 26 offer discounts, as indicated on the official website.

What promotions are offered during the French Days 2022?

We will have something for everyone! The nature of the participating merchants tends to make us think that high tech and hardware will be in the spotlight. Thus, we will see gaming PCs at low prices, mice from major brands on sale or even 4K OLED TVs on sale. Among others!

This page contains affiliate links to some products that JV has selected for you. Each purchase you make by clicking on one of these links will not cost you more, but the e-merchant will pay us a commission.
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