The PS5 development kit can be seen in detail on video: this was its strange V-shaped design

In 2019, images of this system were leaked prior to the launch of the console at the end of 2020.

Do you remember the weird playstation 5 dev kit? It is a model of Sony’s next-generation console intended for developers to work on their titles before the launch of the machine at the end of 2020. However, before that, images were already leaked in 2019, and a year ago we were also able to see more snapshots from other angles.

Now, facing the final stretch of September 2022, the content creator Macho Nacho Productions has had access to it and has posted on his YouTube channel a take an in-depth look at this v-shaped design that drew so much attention. You can watch the video below:

Undoubtedly, what stands out the most is the great difference that this development kit has with respect to the final version of PlayStation 5. This is something usual in the process of creating this type of hardware, since it needs to be supported by software produced before the machine is put up for sale, so something functional has to be delivered to the different studies.

The user interface was also differentIts V seems aimed at better managing cooling and seems like a nod to the number on the console (5 in Roman numerals is V), but beyond the ventilation outlets, the small information screen that it brings, in addition to numerous USB ports on the front and buttons to execute different options. The video also shows what the interface looked like of this development kit, with exclusive options for developers who have not reached the final product.

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At this point, it is worth noting that according to insider sources Tom Henderson, Sony could be preparing a new PS5 design with a very peculiar feature: would have a detachable disc reader which would be connected via an additional USB-C port located at the rear, although there is no official confirmation of this review.

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