The release of the iPhone 14 is approaching and it is the iPhone 13 that benefits from it

News good deal The release of the iPhone 14 is approaching and it is the iPhone 13 that benefits from it

It must be admitted, promotions on Apple products are rather rare. So when there is one that appears, it is normal to let you know, even if it is not drastic.

60€ savings on the iPhone 13 at Amazon

We know it and you know it: yes, Apple products are expensive, very expensive. Some say this fee schedule is justified, others simply see the firm as a luxury brand for people who swear by the late Steve Jobs.

As often in this kind of debate, the truth is generally more or less at the center of these two visions. That being said, when a slight promotion falls on an Apple product, it’s a little madness. Because we are also consumers, we readily admit that 60€ in savings is not much. Especially when the base price is set at €909.

Buy the iPhone 13 at 849€ at Amazon

iPhone 13: a smartphone with multiple qualities

Despite all that the detractors may say, it is clear that the iPhone 13 is a great product. Apple’s A15 Bionic chip is extremely powerful. Buying an iPhone 13 is the guarantee of having no slowdown on any game (or app in general) for several years.

As for the battery, the iPhone 13 is particularly well optimized and, with typical use, it can last 2 days very easily. If you’re a video buff, it’ll also hold up for almost 17 hours straight without a hitch.

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Photo level, Apple has further improved the software part and the phone is doing better than ever night and day. Undeniably, the iPhone is one of the best “photophones” in the world. It is a reference used as a point of comparison by testers and even by competing brands.

Having an iPhone also allows you to get a foothold in the brand’s ecosystem. So, if you have an Apple Watch, AirPods or even a MacBook, for example, all these devices will be synchronized with each other and will benefit from better ergonomics.

In short, no need to give you a 1000-word spiel to tell you that this is an excellent smartphone. The offer that we are relaying to you today concerns iPhone 13 128 GB green – last color of the model.

However, even if the product is currently on sale, we can only advise you to wait a while longer and wait for the release of the iPhone 14. Generally, previous models see their price drop very significantly when a new version makes its appearance.

Buy the iPhone 13 at 849€ at Amazon

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