The remake of The Last of Us shows a new graphic comparison of one of its scenes

Naughty Dog shows off its lighting work in a short clip from the opening minutes of the game.

There is less left to get your hands on the remake of The Last of Us on PS5 and check if the work you have done naughty dog really worth it. As they did a few days ago with a scene from Tommy and Joel, the Californian studio has shared a new fragment so that we can see how the game has changed graphically.

They compare the PS4 remastering with the remakeAs you can see in the clip that we leave you below, it is about one of the first scenes of the title, where we control the view of Sarah in the back of the car driven by Tommy and also in Joel. Through a slider we are shown the differences between the PS4 remastering and the remake that will arrive next month:

We quickly realized that the biggest changes, beyond everything that has to do with character animation and modeling, are evident in the lighting, which looks much more elaborate especially when we passed near the burning farm of one of the neighbors of the place.

If we are convinced by these changes that we are seeing and the gameplay that they have taught us, we will be able to acquire the remake of The Last of Us (called The Last of Us: Part I) from September 2, 2022. At the moment, it will only be available on PlayStation 5, although there is a PC version in the works that should not take long to reach the market.

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