‘The Rings of Power’ star opens up in ‘exciting’ character arc


from amazon The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power The series has added a handful of new characters to Tolkien’s world in an attempt to broaden the narrative. Despite the many complaints from enthusiastic Tolkien fans that he is not “true” to his world, many have embraced these new characters, such as the dwarf princess, Disa, and the human from the south, Bronwyn. The latter’s actress has recently spoken about how exciting it has been to take on the character.

Played by Nazanin Boniadi, Bronwyn inspires her courage in the face of evil. Speaking with The Wrap, Boniadi opened up about the impact her role has had on her, saying, “I was really excited about playing Bronwyn,” and it’s not hard to see why.

When we first met Bronwyn, we already met a woman who was a healer, single mother to Theo (Tyroe Muhafidin), and engaged in a forbidden “aren’t they?” with the elf Arondir (Ismael Cruz Córdova). The character then fearlessly examines a potential disturbance not too far away with said elf and, finding destruction, she takes it upon herself to inform the city, which simply ignores his warnings. It’s not until she unceremoniously throws the head of an orc she killed in her own home onto the tavern counter that the people decide they should do as she says. With no legitimate ruler among them, Bronwyn takes up the slack, urging her community to stand up and fight, unafraid to physically throw themselves into the melee.

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Boniadi expresses how the characters’ determination to overthrow their oppressors is something he connects with on a personal level,

“There are a couple of scenes that really resonate deeply with me, one of them was one of my audition scenes, which is a speech. And it’s because I can identify with this woman who wants to free the town from her. She connects so deeply with me on a personal level with my activism for my homeland Iran.”

Boniadi was born in Iran and grew up in England. What Amazon could not have predicted when it cast Boniadi in this role were the ongoing protests Iran is witnessing across the country that were sparked after a 22-year-old woman, Mahsa Amini, died suspiciously after morality police of the country will take her to a detention center. her center after accusing her of improperly wearing her hijab. (It should be known that Boniadi made these statements before the current situation in Iran developed.)

“I remember channeling that as if I was talking to my compatriots: the Iranian people. I’m like, ‘Let’s do this,’ and it felt very connected to my core essence. And there’s nothing like bringing to the screen something that deeply impacts you and resonates with you on such a deep human level. And then, of course, I love that he goes from being kind of a motivational figure talking to people to getting dirty and using physical prowess to do whatever it takes.”

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The actress comments on how excited she was when she found out about the role and how the character would develop.

“Bronwyn’s promise was really exciting. I wanted so badly to play this character that I was told he would do amazing things and that he wasn’t one-dimensional. …She was multi-faceted, she had agency and she was a healer, yeah, and she was also a single mother of a rebellious teenage son, and she had a forbidden romance with an elf and all that stuff. But… what was a nice surprise to me that was hinted at from the beginning, was his inner strength, the unlikely leader, the caring person on the one hand, but fearless on the other, and that those things could co-exist in a woman on screen, because we know that exists in women in real life.

Although there have been many brave women in Tolkien’s work, they mostly focus on male characters and friendships, even Peter Jackson had to shoe the elf Tauriel into The Hobbit and adds additional scenes for Arwen in Lord of the Rings to make you feel a little more balanced. So it’s refreshing to see so many strong female characters, rulers and leaders on Amazon. power rings series, which is doing its best to diversify Tolkien’s work, regardless of the detractors.

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Warning: spoilers ahead

The phenomenal sixth episode of the series saw Bronwyn at her best, fighting alongside her people against the onslaught of orcs, and through that battle won thanks to the just-in-time arrival of the Númenóreans, Bronwyn’s acts of heroism they were commendable. However, the shocking twist at the end has left her and the city’s fate up in the air after the volcano that will become Mount Doom erupted sending fiery rocks crashing down and a massive pyroclast engulfing the city. . However, she is a tough woman and somehow we believe that she will survive.

The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power is currently available to watch on Amazon Prime.

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