‘The Sandman’ Fans Believe Kirby Howell-Baptiste Killed Him As Death

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In the run up to the launch of The Sandmancreator Neil Gaiman bravely dealt with “fans” on social media who complained about some of the Netflix show’s casting choices, such as cruella actress Kirby Howell-Baptiste as Death, the older sister of the eponymous Sandman, aka Dream of the Endless (Tom Sturridge). In addition to deftly taking down racists, Gaiman encouraged people to keep an open mind and promised that he and the producers knew what they were doing when they hired Howell-Baptiste.

Now that the show is here, it’s abundantly clear that no one should have doubted Gaiman and company for a second. Fans on the r/Sandman subreddit have been sharing the love for the TV show adaptation of Death, who has always been arguably the most beloved character in comics. In short, everyone seems to agree that Howell-Baptiste killed him off as Death.

It’s all in the eyes.

Even if he didn’t get to say a couple of Death’s most memorable lines on the page.

Howell-Baptiste made his debut in episode six, “The Sound of His Wings,” which some are calling the best installment of the entire season.

This Redditor sums it up best. While Howell-Baptiste’s death might not be so much the “manic pixie sleep death girl” from the source material, the “sincerity and seriousness” she brings to the role is “absolutely and unequivocally 100% Death”.

The 35-year-old, also known for her roles in veronica mars Y the good placeShe has previously spoken about how she wanted to bring out the “nurturing and caring” side of her character. Meanwhile, Gaiman has revealed that he pulled Howell-Baptiste aside at Comic-Con to warn her that Death will likely be the biggest role of her career because she means so much to people. And we’re already starting to see that play out.

The Sandman the first season is streaming on Netflix. No decision has been made yet on a second season.

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