‘The Sandman’ Features a Sneaky Connection to ‘Wonder Woman 1984’

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This article contains (relatively minor) spoilers for The Sandman.

Although based on the seminal Vertigo comics of the same name, Netflix The Sandman it is mostly self-contained and has removed much of the connections to the larger DC universe that are present in the source material. Nonetheless, the series, which just landed on streaming this Friday, features a sneaky link to a certain divisive DCEU movie: wonder woman 1984.

In episode one, Dream (Tom Sturridge) is imprisoned on Earth and his powerful garments (his helmet, ruby, and sandbag) are taken from him. Once he escapes his bonds a century later, Morpheus sets out in search of him. DC viewers may be interested to know that one of these elements played a significant role in the aforementioned Gal Gadot sequel. Yes, it is the Dream Stone.

In WW84, Dreamstone was an ancient artifact that distorted reality and granted the wishes of anyone who wielded it. The DCEU created a new backstory for the relic, revealing that it was created by the god of chaos, the Duke of Deception, but in DC comics continuity, the Dreamstone was Dream of the Endless’s possession and was used for the badly for Doctor Destiny during Sandman’s imprisonment. .

In the comics, Dee manipulated the ruby ​​into only obeying him and renamed it the Materioptikon, using it to see the dreams and nightmares of others and make them come true. Once Morpheus was freed, she teamed up with Martian Manhunter and Mister Miracle, members of the Justice League, to get him back. Unfortunately, none of the superheroes appear in the television adaptation.

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this cunning WW84 The connection is ironic since Destiny, aka John Dee, is played in The Sandman by David Thewlis, who previously played Diana’s nemesis Ares in 2017 Wonder Woman. The Netflix show may not proudly display its DC status (the company logo only appears at the end of the credits), but it’s clear that The Sandman it exists as part of the DC multiverse anyway.

The SandmanThe 10-part first season is streaming now on Netflix.

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