The Sandman Season 1, Episode 1 Review, Recap & Analysis: ‘The Dream of the Righteous’

The Sandman was never going to be an easy comic to adapt. Neil Gaiman’s masterpiece – and the saga remains, for this reviewer’s money, his best work in any medium – is such a tangled knot of plots, stories within stories, and allusions to literature, mythology, art and other cultures that defies easy translation. . You can’t change things too much without losing what makes Sandman Sandman, but by the same token, it’s impossible to just show it all on screen.

Or so we thought, because here we are, with the first episode of Netflix’s long-awaited new show and it’s not only pretty good, it’s also very close to the comic that inspired it. There are a few tweaks here and there, but if you’ve ever read and fallen in love with the goth vibe of The Sandman, then it’s hard to imagine not enjoying at least this one episode.

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