Places to visit in Ontario – The Ultimate Ontario Bucket List

Have you ever been to Ontario? If not, then this article is perfect for you! From Toronto to Niagara Falls, Bobcaygeon, or Algonquin Provincial Park, there are many unique places in Ontario to visit. So pack your bags and prepare yourself for the adventure of a lifetime.

Niagara Falls

If you were to visit Ontario, we recommend you stop at Niagara Falls. Known as “the happy place by the rainbow,” this fantastic spot is somewhere anyone should call. The great thing about seeing it during the winter is that you can see for miles as the ice and snow covers the entire area.
There is an endless number of things to do in Niagara Falls. If you’re looking for a place to start, visit the Falls. The iconic landmark is breathtaking and scenic. Visitors will also want to take in the magnificent views from Skylon Tower or try out the thrilling rides at Marineland.
Niagara Falls is a 130-meter waterfall in Canada on the Niagara River, forming the boundary between the Canadian province of Ontario and the USA’s state of New York. Every year, Niagara Falls attracts tourists from all over the world to marvel at its beauty. One of the most popular attractions in Niagara Falls is The Maid of the Mist, a boat cruise point that allows visitors to get up close and personal with the falls from below. If you’re lucky enough to be in town in October, stop by for the Massive Watersports Festival, where daredevils push themselves off massive jumps and zip lines in attempts to raise money for charity.
When you visit Niagara Falls, you’ll be able to explore the treeline trails, go fishing at the St. Lawrence Seaway, or walk along with old historic mills. You can find exotic animals in Niagara Falls State Park. If relaxation is your goal, take time to explore Buffalo’s many parks.

Muldoon’s Farmland Tours

Wilson Muldoon owns and operates the well-known sheep farm in Haliburton, Ontario. The Haid family asked him to take care of their land in 1973. Wilson became passionate about farming after he bought his first flock in 1974. He has single handily raised sheep for 40 years, continuing that into when he was 75 years old! After tending to his community, you can take a tour of the vast farmland for a fantastic experience with four species of deer.
Muldoon’s Farmland Tours has been a family-owned and operated business for over four decades. They offer forty-five-minute tractor-drawn hayrides and farm tours to visitors of all ages. Open year-round; they provide a one-of-a-kind experience and the chance to see Canada’s agricultural roots.
Muldoon’s offers various fall activities for those who love the beauty of rural Ontario. They have daily farm tours with a pumpkin patch and apple outcroppings, corn mazes, and birding trails. In addition to that, they have a pumpkin princess strolling through their 10-acre pumpkin patch, telling stories about pumpkins followed by hayrides and snacks. Plus, their food vendors offer delicious Ontario-grown produce focusing on vegetables and apples.

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Bay of Quinte

This is one of the most important things you can do in Ontario. You can spot hundreds of different types of animals and find out all the interesting information about them at the Bay of Quinte Quintsland Nature Centre.

A quintessential Ontario destination. Parts of this region date back to the founding of North America, and there are plenty of natural wonders to discover. Keen-eyed adventurers can spot bald eagles feeding on rocks in Algonquin Park, while more cultural types will prioritize walking tours at quaint communities like Belleville or Brockville. Meanwhile, laid-back visitors can immerse themselves in the more hedonistic pleasures of Sandbanks Provincial Park or the wineries around Prince Edward County.

Toronto Islands

Toronto Islands are one of the most popular tourist attractions in Toronto. The islands are home to many things to do, including bike rentals, boat tours, public art exhibitions, water sports, and more. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even go swimming with the wild deer that inhabit the island.
Toronto Islands offers many other attractions, like bicycles for rent, beaches for swimming, picnic areas with grills and tables, kayaks for rental. They even host special events like concerts and festivals. You might be lucky enough to see local wildlife roaming around the island, including deer and waterfowl.
You can reach the Toronto Islands by ferry. If you’re not too hungry after riding the ferry, you can go on a long walk on Grange Walk if you’re feeling ambitious. The grocery store is close to the dock, so you might want to pick up some goodies before arriving at the islands.

Algonquin Provincial Park

My favorite is Algonquin Provincial Park, one of Ontario’s largest and most diverse parks. Hiking, cycling, hunting, whitewater paddling, and more await those who climb to this height of nature’s beauty. We also recommend strolling through Ottawa, where you’ll find some neat museums and wandering around downtown Toronto for a day or two to catch a show or the sights.
Algonquin Provincial Park is a vast wilderness area covering close to four thousand square kilometers in eastern Ontario. The park was initially designated a provincial park in 1890 and remained an essential part of the province’s tourism industry. There are over 1100 kilometers of canoe routes through some of the most stunning scenery you’ll see anywhere on Earth, spectacular limestone cliffs that would make Yosemite jealous, and clear trout streams that flow amidst the boreal forest.
Algonquin Provincial Park is Ontario’s oldest provincial park, located in eastern Ontario, about 243 km (150 miles) northwest of Toronto. This HUGE park is home to the tallest measured vertical drop on Earth (1,600′), old-growth forest, orchids, moose, and more. Algonquin has something for everyone with over 600 established campsites and three cabins.

Beaver Valley Bird Sanctuary

Established in 1976, the Beaver Valley Bird Sanctuary is an international peace park located approximately 70 km north of Toronto. Whether it’s biking trails, nature hikes, or glacial lakes that you want to spend time exploring during your next trip to Ontario, there’s something for locals and tourists alike at this serene sanctuary.

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The Beaver Valley Bird Sanctuary is Ontario’s only bird sanctuary. The sanctuary encompasses 208 acres within a 500 acres forest with 26 different species of waterfowl. Alongside this, there are over 30 bird species in the refuge areas. Animals are encouraged to enjoy their natures without noise or artificial light disruption for breeding and wintering, where refuge areas are accessed via boardwalks.

Black Creek Pioneer Village

Black Creek Pioneer Village has the most historic buildings in Ontario, and they invite visitors to experience a bygone era. A time capsule is maintained within its four walls, bringing back memories of what life was like for pioneers who first crossed the blue waters. Families can enjoy their Christmas tree lot packages after a day of catching up with history. There’s also an outdoor skating rink for those brisk winter days.
Black Creek Pioneer Village is an open-air museum in Toronto, near the Don River ravine. Established in 1959 and composed of 800 acres and 100 full-scale buildings and structures. It includes a 19th-century village with a sawmill, flour mill, churches, brick makers, potters, carpenters, and blacksmiths. Farmlands, livestock demonstrations, and open-air concerts are held weekly in the country’s oldest surviving concert hall. A family ticket (2 adults and two children) is CAD 36.
Black Creek Pioneer Village is a beautiful part of Ontario’s history. It has also been a top tourist attraction for years. It covers a vast array of grains, fruits, vegetables, and the various skills needed to live in pioneer days. Anyone who wishes to have a basic understanding of the pioneer village lifestyle need not go any farther than this one website full of information about everything from food to clothing to tools.

Bruce Peninsula National Park

The Bruce Peninsula is a favorite destination for seasoned travelers and nature enthusiasts alike. With its miles of untouched shoreline, towering cliffs, and sparkling beaches, the park provides a one-of-kind experience for anyone who visits. Located along the Georgian Bay coast in southern Ontario, it features an assortment of inland ecosystems, from swamps to sheer rock outcroppings that have been eroded into low crevices.
Bruce Peninsula National Park is one of the unique parks in Ontario. It has its ecosystem – plant life, animals, and terrain – different from any other park in Canada or America. Visitors will find rugged cliffs along the coast, fascinating geology, and fossils, beautiful red sandstone bluffs on the north side, a beach for surfing and kayaking on a warm day.

Canadian Museum of Nature

One of the best things you can do in the province is visited a museum. The Canadian Museum of Nature in Ottawa is a national treasure. Seeing a remarkable collection of natural treasures that spans three billion years, from the country’s youngest fossils to satellite images from above Earth, really gives you a sense of how amazing Canada is.
This museum features an impressive collection of natural history. Exhibits include more than 15,000 specimens showing 10 billion years of evolution, geographic regions of Canada, and an extensive conifer collection. Their excellent Animal Behaviour undergraduate program attracts students from around the world.
The Canadian Museum of Nature is the nation’s oldest natural history museum. It began as an educational exhibit for Canada’s 1878 Centennial and is today among Ottawa’s top five most popular tourist attractions. The museum is home to the largest IMAX theatre in Ontario, North America’s tallest free-standing domed building, and one of North American architecture’s ten largest glass displays.

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Casa Loma

A park right in the middle of Toronto, this is a magical and romantic spot. It’s an ideal day trip for visiting couples. This recreation area provides a clear view of the CN Tower and its surroundings while providing immense greenery and gardening opportunities. Over 7,000 trees and shrubs provide a focal point for the beautiful landscape, making it a peaceful getaway from Toronto’s busy streets.
Casa Loma is a tourist attraction located in the middle of downtown Toronto. Most people visit this historic building because it’s among the largest homes in North America. It has been transformed into a museum with tours available every day. The inside of Casa Loma contains exquisite architecture that many are drawn to for its beauty.
Built in the early 1900s on a hill, Casa Loma is a historic landmark home to some of Canada’s wealthiest people. It has been open to the public for tours and ghost hunts since 1926. The sheer size and manicured grounds will take up all your time and attention, so be prepared.

Christie Lake Conservation Area

A renowned nature destination for birdwatchers, people who want to observe the natural beauty of Ontario without driving too far from home. In winter, Christie Lake is a mere stone’s throw from the Village of Fenelon Falls and has been designated as a National Important Bird Area by Canadian Nature Conservancy. A 2km long nature trail takes you through diverse forests, wetlands, and marshes on your way to the lakeshore.
Moose Mountain has great views of lakes and hills. There is a provincial park near Bronte called Christie Lake Conservation Area. This place offers several outdoor activities, from mountain biking to hiking. The Christie Uplands Park is close by and offers beautiful long-distance routes, making it an ideal getaway location for beginner mountain biking riders. The area also has a lovely meadow where kids can play in the natural setting.
If you’re a nature lover and hiking is high on your bucket list, then Christie Lake Conservation Area in Ontario is a must-visit destination. The protected natural space protects the beauty of the Ashbelenda Marsh. Lake Huron & Georgian Bay

Dorset Fine Arts Festival

Established in 1958 and celebrating 50 years in 2018, this is one of Canada’s most famous and prestigious art festivals. Held every year on the third week of July, groups from all over Ontario come to Dorset to participate. The proximity to Dorset’s international airport site makes transportation easier for those abroad.
For this weekend between July 6-8th, people will travel to Dorset for the 3rd annual Dorset Fine Arts Festival. Located in the National Park of the same name, it is set against the backdrop of stunning woodlands and Canadian Shield Mountains to showcase its work amongst some of Canada’s most breathtaking scenery. They hope to “support regional artists while creating opportunities for art lovers.”

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