The Umbrella Academy season 3 review

In a world plagued by comic book adaptations and superhero stories, the umbrella academy still manages to break the mold. Newcomers may have trouble keeping up with the metric tons of lore, family dynamics, and storylines, but this season packs most of the rewards fans have been waiting for.

Season 3, like the first two, was developed for Netflix by Steve Blackman and Jeremy Slater. Comic book fans will recognize the loose adaptation of each series in Gerard Way’s ongoing franchise as inspiration for a season of the show. The first season covered The Apocalypse Suitethe second covered dallasand the third finally leads the Hargreeves family to forgotten hotel.


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The third season of the umbrella academy picks up right where season 2 left off. The Hargreeves are back in the present day, convinced of their success, only to find a new family of superheroes in their family home. Fans are quickly introduced to the Sparrow Academy, another group of seven superheroes that Reginald Hargreeves assembled after he first approached the idea in 1963. After a confrontation with his replacements, the original Hargreeves hide out in the posh Obsidian Hotel. . The family is prepared to live out the rest of their lives until a new apocalypse rears its ugly head. The duel between the Hargreeves families is set against the backdrop of a third end of the world, which the heroes must keep trying to stop.

The returning cast is stellar as always. All members of the Umbrella Academy are in top form as they reprise their beloved role. Perhaps the most publicly notable aspect of the season was Elliot Page’s public transition between seasons. Fans of the show and the artist will be excited to learn that Viktor Hargreeves’ coming out is an extremely wholesome subplot that is dealt with early and elegantly.

Returning star Justin H. Min portrays a different version of his character Ben, taking much more of the limelight than usual and handling it very well. Robert Sheehan is a source of charisma and genuine pathos as always. Aidan Gallagher gets to embody a deeper range of emotions than in previous seasons. Tom Hopper becomes the heart of the group in a very charming subplot. David Castañenda takes Diego in several new and interesting directions. Emmy Raver-Lampman stands out, propelled through incredible emotional timbre throughout this season and selling most of it through sheer tone and expression. Fans of the characters will be thrilled to see them again, and it’s hard to say anyone falls short here.

The newcomers, consisting almost exclusively of members of the Sparrow Academy, are also very well handled. Justin Cornwell portrays Marcus with the energy of a righteous leader that Luther always tried to embody and failed. Britne Oldford infuses Fei with knowing confidence and overwhelming menace. Jake Epstein and Cazzie David don’t have as much to do as some of their siblings, but their powers and attitudes are fun to watch. Epstein really has to strain to perform under the pound of prosthetics he has, but he looks appropriately hideous. Genesis Rodriguez as Sloane gets more screen time than most of her siblings and instantly becomes a key part of the cast. Colm Feore returns as Reginald, but he’s much more into this season, and he’s really taking the character for a long-awaited ride. Fans will be able to see him in a ton of new lights, and Feore is excellent in each one.

The biggest problem with the season is how much is happening from one moment to the next. Some may have trouble following all the connected plot elements. With almost twenty main characters, each of whom have different relationships, backstories, and character dynamics with each other, there is a lot going on. Throw in the story, events, and loose ends of the previous two seasons, and the series is a bit overstuffed. This isn’t uncommon among shows that run for three seasons, and not every element pays off perfectly, but most of the narrative can be easily followed. The program can benefit from compulsive watching. One wonders how viewers who watch all three seasons in a short period of time will fare with the information. But, when the biggest complaint one has about a show is that there’s too much good stuff packed into it, that should be a badge of honor.

the umbrella academy Season 3 is fantastic superhero television. Intricately linked with its predecessors without being repetitive. Full of details without being confusing. Action packed without being stupid. Emotionally moving without being depressing. It is a perfect continuation of the series and the fans will be delighted. The gripping, emotional family drama, chaotic sci-fi superhero action, and lovable cast of characters remain as strong as ever. If this is the end of the umbrella academyit may not be the most climactic conclusion, but it feels like the most appropriate.

the umbrella academy The third season is now available on Netflix.

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