The Witcher Blood Origin: scenario, structure, unpublished images… The creator of the Netflix mini-series says it all!

news culture The Witcher Blood Origin: scenario, structure, unpublished images… The creator of the Netflix mini-series says it all!

If it will be necessary to wait until 2023 to find Geralt de Riv in the guise of Henry Cavill, it will not be necessary to wait very long before finding the universe of the Witcher. From the end of the year, Netflix subscribers will be able to discover The Witcher: Blood Origin.

Last weekend was the Netflix TUDUM event, an opportunity to present many series and unveil trailers and release dates.

Blood Origin: a “surprising” story

This is how we discovered that the spin-off of The Witcher, Blood Origin (Blood Legacy in French) will arrive as a gift under the tree next December 25 on Netflix. On the program, a return to monster slayer originsin a world dominated by elves and gradually colonized by humans. Readers of Andrzej Sapkowski’s novels and players of CD Projekt titles already have some notions, but this is not the case for all the public able to follow the series which takes place 1200 years before The Witcher. To allow us to know more, Declan De Barra, the showrunner, gave a very long interview on the official Netflix site.

Viewers will be surprised as they see a story told about a period of Elvish history that was buried by humans after their arrival and eventual conquest of the Continent. We can tell a story about elves when they were at their peak, like all great societies before their fall, he begins by indicating.

Well-known characters and a trio as the engine of the trip

The Witcher Blood Origin: scenario, structure, unpublished images… The creator of the Netflix mini-series says it all!

The miniseries, which will officially consist of 4 episodes, will recount the Conjunction of the Spheres, the fall of the elves and the birth of the witchers. We’ll follow it all through the eyes of Scian, Éile and Fjall, respectively played by Michelle Yeoh, Sophia Brown and Laurence O’Fuarain. To reassure the public, Declan DeBarra indicates that The Witcher: Blood Origin will introduce some well-known characters, and that some events will explain others from the main series. With regard to geography, we find Xintrea (elvish name of Cintra)

(…) We travel from the islands in the far north south to Xintrea (…). The dwarves have practically been driven to the eastern mountains according to the map. And the rest of the world is largely controlled by the elves. It’s a split world. It’s a golden era for the elves, but there’s always war. There are still three kingdoms, and they have been at war for 1000 years (…) when Solryth died.

The birth of the Witchers, the fate of the elves and a story full of nuances

He also clarified that many easter-eggs will be hidden to satisfy the most observant. The main theme of the series is the birth of the Witchers, the foundation of the different schools, and the progressive control of humans over the world of the elves. About the creation of the monster slayers, the showrunner states:

The first witcher (…) did not arrive until well after the arrival of humans, with the creation of various witcher schools, etc. “How did it happen ?”. (…) This is what we are looking into: what is the prototype of the witcher? Geralt is version 13.0, the upgrade. Ours is 1.0, raw and ready – a witcher’s concept. This is the original model. What was its history, and how was it lost? And who found this critical element later?

For their part, the elves, and more specifically Scian, Éile and Fjall, will have a lot to do. The story of the conquest of the world by humans promises to be very “nuanced”. There are no totally nice or totally evil people, including elves. The creator of the series depicts them as a class societyfrom which it is very difficult to extract:

(…) The elves have an advantage. 1000 years seems like a long time, but they also live much longer than humans. It is therefore another conception of time. But at the core, the same little jealousies, the same little desires, the same loves, the same desires all mix together in this cauldron that ends up causing the elves to go to war with each other for more. (…)

I have always been fascinated by societies at their peak just before their fall. And the stuff that was lost in that fall. For example, the strongest concrete we have ever encountered in the world dates from Roman times. You still can’t reproduce it properly. We forgot how to do it. That’s (the perspective) that I wanted to apply to this story. (…) Elves are not the underclass, they are the overclass. (…)

A linear structure, and many explanations related to the universe of The Witcher

The Witcher Blood Origin: scenario, structure, unpublished images… The creator of the Netflix mini-series says it all!

About the course of the mini-series in four episodes, we are told as quite linear, thus responding to the concerns viewers of the first season of The Witcher. The timeline will be the same throughout the story, so subscribers won’t have to “worry about that.” The whole is thought like a big movie in two partsand the 4 episodes were born on the editing table so “organic”. Finally, the fantasy dimension is explored, with the prophecies, the Conjunction of the Spheres or even the monolithsseen in The Witcher:

Prophecies are very important in this world. We have a character who is crucial in the books in terms of prophecies. They mention a prophecy that becomes very important in the world of Sapkowski’s books. The things they prophesy are coming true, but not in the way you expected. Like all good prophecies.

The (mystery of) the conjunction drives this whole show because I was working on The Witcher season 2, and we had a story point that we couldn’t fix because we needed to know what happened. What was the world before the Conjunction? Before the arrival of humans? Before there were monsters, what was this world like? What was the world of the elves? So I drew it on the whiteboard. (The result) became Blood Origin when I introduced it. We learn (also) the origin of the monoliths. (…)

Find out more about The Witcher universe

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