‘Them/Them’ Star Explains How Horror Helps Representation

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The latest slasher that is causing a sensation is that of John Logan they they, which follows a group of LGBTQ+ teens trying to survive against a masked killer in a conversion camp. Theo Germaine is a standout member of the younger cast and has shared that they are extremely appreciative of how queer experiences were showcased throughout the film.

In an interview with the hollywood reporterGermaine, who plays the role of Jordan, highlighted the unique ways that queerness was represented through each character’s struggle to survive.

“This movie really feels like it stands alone in a way and it feels like it’s a new foray or exploration of how we do good representation on screen. You can really see the humanity in all these characters, these campers. I feel like all the people who suffer and struggle are really portrayed in a positive light, but it doesn’t feel like it’s two-dimensional. As someone who has consumed a lot of media, I really liked that Jordan is the hero. I really like that there are queer characters who are in denial at the beginning of the movie who are really interested in changing who they are because they think it’s not right. And then they feel maybe in a different way, when the movie ends. I really appreciate the way all of these characters experienced survival throughout the movie. It doesn’t look like anyone is being sacrificed, which I think is kind of a horror device.”

They also talked about how writer-director Logan took many leaps with the script, unafraid to venture far from regular slasher tropes.

“There’s also a lot of tropes that happen in horror, and it’s like, if this happens in a movie, then this character will probably die. If they get separated, this person will probably die. All of these tropes are addressed in this film, almost in an exploratory or academic way. Because the director, John Logan, is a huge horror fan. He takes all these tropes and then it’s like flip, flip, flip, flip everything. The result is this weird, haunted, beautiful thing on screen that he really feels like he’s never seen before. Another thing that I really think makes the film stand-alone and hopefully provides a source of inspiration for future films is having a group of queer people make a film, even if it’s something that’s more in the realm of heteronormativity, and involving to queer people. and trans crew members, actors, and creators.”

they they was released on August 5 on the streaming platform Peacock to mixed reviews. However, inclusion and representation have been praised.

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