There is now an official website for New Jersey’s AvengerCon

Image via AvengerCon

Yes, you heard right: a real and official website for avenger with is here, after fans clamored for the fictional mrs wonder event to become reality.

The website launched on June 18, 2022, days after episode two of mrs wonder made it to Disney Plus. The launch of the website was announced by the “official” event’s Twitter page, but did not receive as much fanfare from potential attendees.

Despite its poor digital release, the account of the event was promoted by Marvel Studios, causing fans to flock to the account to check if this was real. Is AvengerCon going to be a thing?

The AvengerCon website looks just like any other convention website. It has a list of events like Asgardian Throne photo shoots, a giant Hulk and Ant-Man exhibit, “Trash Panda Alley” and iconic Captain Marvel costume content. The website also has a featured gallery filled with photos of attendees and exhibits from the convention.

But don’t get your hopes up about AvengerCon 2023 (or 2025 if we’re talking about MCU timelines). The information banner on the website announced that this year’s event will not issue refunds and future events will be canceled until further notice. oops!

“SORRY, THERE ARE NO REFUNDS. Due to recent events during the inaugural Captain Marvel Cosplay contest, AvengerCon has been canceled until further notice.”

While fans were in shock because they thought this fictional event is about to become real, sadly that’s not the case (yet). The website was created by Disney and Marvel Studios and is just a fun and interactive website for fans to visit. That said, dreaming is believing!

You can see the official website here.

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