There’s an Official Assassin’s Creed Whiskey That’s $69 a Bottle

It is to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the series.

assassin’s Creed It’s had its ups and downs, and now you can help ease some of the latter with an officer…assassin’s Creed whiskey?

Made by Tennessee Legend, who partnered with Antheum Studios (who partnered with Ubisoft), it’s a straight bourbon whiskey that’s priced at $69 a bottle. It is expected to arrive in “early September 2022”.

Here’s the full rundown from the manufacturer:

“Jump into history and celebrate 15 years of working in the dark to serve the light. Antheum Studios and Tennessee Legend Distillery present assassin’s Creed Straight Bourbon Whisky. Crafted in the hills of Texas and finished in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, this 4 year old straight bourbon whiskey has a rich flavor with rye spice, wheat character and hints of cherry, vanilla and oak. Appealing to spirits lovers and fans alike, this iconic selection is a worthy addition to any bar. Play hard, drink responsibly.”

Assassin’s Creed whiskey isn’t the only drink on the menu: a assassin’s creed black flag rum and Valhalla vodka is also on the horizon

If you’re interested, also in September, Antheum Studios will release a black flag spiced rum and a Valhalla vodka. Do I want to try the first?

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