They never envy each other, Bud Spencer and Terence Hill are friends for life

“We were never jealous of each other, Bud Spencer and I were friends for life” – Terence Hill

Legendary actor Terence Hill rarely talks about his faith, but speaking to the Austrian newspaper we got a glimpse into his soul. He also talks about the legendary friend of his, the unforgettable Bud Spencer.

This is how the mythical couple, Bud Spencer and Terence Hill, formed their friendship

“My relationship with religion is very personal, intimate: funny, serious, even angry. I think it’s hard to talk about it because it’s a relationship you have to go through. I am a practicing Catholic. I don’t talk about it often, because trust is something precious and extremely personal to me. When I was a child, my father would read me a book about San Francisco. He is my idol. I’ve been a believer ever since.”

During the conversation, he also told a story: once the border guard became suspicious because he had a lot of photos:

“I have been practicing the Divine Mercy devotion for many years. Once they stopped me at the airport because I had too many photos in my suitcase. The police recognized me and thought I was hiding a gun under them.”

During the interview, he also mentioned that he could be more greedy, but in that case, he wouldn’t be able to play Don Matteo realistically. (Terence Hill plays a priest in the film, 18 years later, his popularity has not diminished in Italy and around the world, including Hungary).

“I made professional decisions that others considered reckless. I turned down a lot of money, but I’m happy. That is why I can authenticate myself today as Father Matteo”.

The pirate movie was originally intended for Bud Spencer and Terence Hill, but ultimately it couldn’t be made.

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Of course, his legendary co-star Bud Spencer was also mentioned in the interview – he remembered the legend, who was also a man of deep faith, with much respect and fondness:

“The actors argued all the time and then broke up. It’s different for Bud Spencer and me: we’ve never been jealous of each other, and we’ve never made a movie just for the money. We had a great time and were friends for life.”

At the end of the interview, Terence Hill, that is, Mario Girotti, delivered an important message for all of us:

“We must be like the captain of a sailing ship. We are not the wind. We’re just sailors. We can use all our strength to keep the ship on course, but we are not the force of the wind.”

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