This $20 pack teaches you how to draw comic characters

Learning to draw is never easy, but at least this educational package makes it affordable. Currently $20 off, the Learn to Draw Comic Characters Pack offers 181 lessons in 33 hours of courses to help you learn the basics of drawing, sketching, and everything in between. As the name suggests, this will be of particular interest to those who want to create comic book characters. That said, the coursework will likely work well for anyone looking for an introduction to figure drawing.

The 181 lessons are grouped into four different courses. Each one focuses on a different skill you’ll need to start drawing comic book characters, including using Manga Studio 5 and rendering faces from different angles. Here’s a closer look at the four courses included in the Learn to Draw Comic Book Characters package:

  • How to improve the drawing of your figure step by step
  • How to draw dynamic comic book superheroes from start to finish
  • How to draw heads step by step from any angle
  • Digital Painting Amazing Fantasy Art in Manga Studio 5

Your purchase includes lifetime access to all four courses. So whether you simply have limited study time or need to review a session after years away from the trade, you can rest easy knowing lessons are always available to you.

The courses are provided by Robert Marzullo, an artist and educator who spent years developing online lesson plans and is the author of Learn to draw action heroes. If you’re looking for more courses after finishing this pack, be sure to check out the highly-reviewed book.

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