This 2TB Samsung NVMe SSD is $110 off for a limited time

If you’re looking to buy a Samsung NVMe SSD, you’re in luck, as the Samsung 980 Pro 2TB is currently discounted by $110 as part of a limited-time discount on the company’s website. This brings the price down 28%, to just $269.99.

East Samsung NVMe Solid State Drive It boasts impressive read and write speeds, clocking in at 7,000MB/s and 5,000MB/s, respectively. Plus, its compact M.2 form factor makes it easy to install in both laptops and desktops. Anyone looking to build the best gaming PC would do well to have this unit as part of their repertoire.

If that’s not impressive enough, this Samsung 980 Pro is known for its reliable thermal management. It uses a nickel plating to help manage the heat level of the controller and even has a heat sink label to provide thermal control on the NAND chip. Meanwhile, Samsung’s thermal control algorithm allows it to manage its heat levels on its own.

Does this cake come with a cherry? It certainly does. In addition to all the benefits already mentioned, it also includes Samsung Magician software, which will monitor the overall health of your drive, apply firmware updates, perform performance optimizations, and more.

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We’ve focused on the 2TB Samsung 980 Pro, but some Samsung SSDs are currently on offer. Here is a list of all the discounts that are currently available:

Additional offers are also available for anyone looking to purchase multiple NVMe SSDs. If you’re looking for ways to improve your gaming setup, check out our articles on the best SSD and how to build a gaming PC; both are a good point of reference.

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