This curved gamer PC screen loses 1/3 of its price and gains 1/3 of its size

News good plan This curved gamer PC screen loses 1/3 of its price and gains 1/3 of its size

Finding an ultra-wide screen to play at the best value for money can be complicated. A short response time, a fast refresh and FreeSync and G-Sync compatibility, these are all the promises of this screen. Plus it’s cheap!

The LG UltraGear 34GN73A-B gaming monitor drops below 300 euros

LG is one of the world’s leading display manufacturers. This ultra-wide screen dedicated to video games is an example of the manufacturer’s incredible value for money. So when Amazon also decides to cut the price by a third, it becomes an opportunity to seize.

LG’s UltraGear display goes from 425 euros to only 299 euros . This is a price he has never achieved. It falls to the level of entry-level screens while maintaining performance and an impressive technical sheet.

Buy the LG UltraGear 34 inches at 299€ on Amazon

The 34-inch LG UltraGear includes all the gamer essentials

A gamer needs a few essentials for their gaming monitor. LG has decided to integrate absolutely everything and not increase the price. Result, it is a 34-inch ultra-wide panel with a resolution of 2560 by 1080 pixels. This resolution makes it possible to add a third of the screen more, while avoiding asking too much for additional performance from the graphics card.

For an optimal experience, this screen has a refresh rate of 144Hz, for breathtaking fluidity. Once you go from 60 to 144Hz, there’s no going back. The response time is limited to 1 ms.

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As for game codecs, we obviously find G-Sync as well as FreeSync.. These two protocols from Nvidia and AMD, respectively, help to avoid tearing in the image. This happens when the graphics card and the screen don’t spin at the same speed. For instance, your GPU can run your game at 150 fps, but your screen is 144Hz. This difference can cause image dropouts. For several years now, AMD and Nvidia graphics cards have incorporated compensation that synchronizes with the screen: G-Sync and Free-Sync. A trick is also to limit the fps of your game to the speed of your screen. A 144Hz screen, we limit the speed in game to 144fps.

Buy the LG UltraGear 34 inches at 299€ on Amazon

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