This exclusive PS5 finally arrives on Xbox and in the Game Pass, here is the release date

Game News This exclusive PS5 finally arrives on Xbox and in the Game Pass, here is the release date

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Ghostwire Tokyo was released about a year ago on PC and on the home console side, it was a PlayStation 5 exclusive. However, the tide is turning and we finally have confirmation of its arrival on Microsoft’s machine.

ghost capital

While we learned only a few days ago that Shinji Mikami, illustrious creator of The Evil Within saga (and formerly of Resident Evil and Devil May Cry at Capcom) was leaving Tango Gameworks, a studio of which he is the founder, he just so happens that his latest game is finally making a comeback. This title is Ghostwire Tokyo and it was originally released on PC and PlayStation 5 on March 25, under the aegis of Bethesda.

Only here, Bethesda has belonged to Microsoft for some time and if the contract with Sony has been honored in the rules, the American giant now wants to repatriate to Xbox what is ultimately its rightful place. We therefore officially learn that Ghostwire Tokyo will be released on Xbox Series on April 12 and will be directly in the iconic Xbox Game Pass (it will also be in the PC Game Pass). And he won’t come empty-handed.

A free update for everyone

Determined to make people talk about it again, this action title with a singular universe will also come to densify its content with a new update on April 12, which will also be deployed for free for PS5 and PC players. This one is called “The Spider’s Thread” and will bring the following new features:

  • The new “Spider’s Thread” game mode: in this new mode, the player will have to go through 30 levels out of 120 and reach the end. If successful, he will be able to get his hands on skills and currency to spend on upgrades.
  • New areas and missions to explore, including the College area. These are simply additional quests with new places, which will allow you to learn more about the universe.
  • New cutscenes for story mode
  • new enemiessuch as Gaze, an invisible and silent Visitor, or Smite, a particularly fast Visitor.
  • new skills : the hero Akito will receive new powers such as the Charge or the devastating Counter-attack, which will be used in particular to face the new enemies above.
  • A photo mode
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See you on April 12, then.

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