This Miley x Gucci Roblox collaboration is the most 2022 in history

It’s party in the metaverse like Miley Cyrus takes on Roblox to promote Gucci’s newest fragrance, Gucci Flora. Cyrus, who is a celebrity ambassador for Gucci Beauty’s Flora Gorgeous Jasmine campaign, appears as an avatar in Gucci Town, a Roblox experience that invites players to explore the world of Gucci through mini-games, scavenger hunts, a museum celebrating the Gucci brand and much more. plus.

It’s no surprise that Cyrus is finding a home on Roblox. Fashion icon Karli Kloss, singer-songwriter George Ezra, and music duo Twenty One Pilots are just a few famous faces who have recently embraced the metaverse via Roblox.

One of the first major musical performances on Roblox involved Cyrus collaborator Lil Nas X, who rose to international stardom after joining forces with Cyrus’ father Billy Ray Cyrus for the remix of X’s hit song “Old Town”. Road”.

Fans can explore Gucci Town and collect gems, redeemable for avatar items, by locating the fragrance bottles scattered throughout the experience. They can also take part in various mini-games for additional gems, including a Red Light-inspired course, Green Light, and Tile Takeover, where teams compete to grab as many tiles as possible before time expires. Robloxians can also talk to Cyrus’s avatar and virtually take photos with her, which they are then encouraged to share on social media. For players who don’t have time to collect gems but still want to look stylish in Gucci, the Gucci Shop features additional Gucci items available for purchase with Robux.

Although it may currently be impossible to package a physical fragrance into a metaverse experience, Gucci is showcasing the fragrance by turning it into a digital wearable bottle backpack. The physical fragrance costs $129, but players can rep their love for Gucci, Cyrus, and the fragrance itself with an in-game fragrance bottle for just 100 Robux (about $1.25 USD).

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The collaboration marks Gucci’s fifth with Roblox in its Gucci Town experience. As such, it serves as a testament to the strength of Gucci’s stake in the metaverse as a way to reach audiences in new ways. This is just the latest brand tie-in for the platform, which has recently seen digital experiences from Tommy Hilfiger, Vans and Puma.

Once you’ve collected and redeemed your gems in Gucci Town, check out our August Roblox Promo Codes list for more avatar gear. And check out our list of the best Roblox games in 2022 for more metaverse action.

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