This Moma Bikes electric mountain bike on sale has 120km of autonomy

News good plan This Moma Bikes electric mountain bike on sale has 120km of autonomy

An electric mountain bike with 29-inch wheels and an astonishing autonomy of 120km for unforgettable sessions in the forest without worrying about the slopes, you can imagine that it will not be cheap. On the other hand, if you take it from Cdiscount, you will for sure have a good price on your device. As for this Moma Bikes which goes from 3250€ to 1549€ on the merchant site, without counting the various additional reductions which will be offered to you.

Multiple discounts on a premium electric mountain bike

Indeed, Cdiscount uses a kind of quite pleasant pop-up windows, since one of them displayed on my screen offers me to cross out the price of Moma Bikes even more. to reach only 1487€ for a period of 2 hours.

Buy the Moma Bikes electric mountain bike for €1,549 at Cdiscount

In addition, at this time Cdiscount members at will can take advantage of the code CDAV30EUROS on the whole site for a reduction of -30€ from 299€ of purchase.

Moma Bikes 29 inches: to discover cycling in the mountains

Seen from a distance, nothing seems to differentiate this Moma Bikes VAE 29 inch from a classic mountain bike, except for the thicker frame which contains a battery capable of sending juice for electric assistance with a range of 120 km.

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It has a Shimano derailleur ALTUS FD-M310L with 24 speeds, to better assess the slopes you are going to cross.

He also has disc brakes front and rear, for safe “dry braking”.

This makes him an essential companion if you want to discover the joys of mountain bike routesbut you don’t have Richard Virenque’s calves.

A versatile 24-speed e-MTB

Its resistant frame can support 120kg, which will be ideal for an adult from 16 years old.

In terms of road comfort, this Moma Bikes electric mountain bike has a 700mm oversize handlebar for more precise driving. He also sports a latest generation display which indicates the level of assistance at all times, as well as the speed, distance traveled and battery capacity.

Obviously, who can do more can do less, and this ideal mountain bike for riding over hills and dales can be used without difficulty for your daily trips in town.

It is therefore a very versatile electric bike that this Moma Bikes 29 inches. Whether you want to reserve it for your weekend rides or also use it to go to work, it will not disappoint and will face all uses thanks to its 24-speed derailleur and its fantastic autonomy of 120 km.

Buy the Moma Bikes electric mountain bike for €1,549 at Cdiscount

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