This Sinister Starfield Secret Is Straight Out Of Dead Space

There are a lot of Starfield secrets hidden in the recent gameplay trailer, let alone the final RPG. One player discovered the famous hidden space cheese sandwich in a single shot, but this new discovery is far less joyous. In fact, this spooky Starfield Easter egg is more like something out of a horror game, like Dead Space or System Shock.

The gameplay trailer contains only a handful of the 1,000 planets available in Starfield, but it shows off one of the game’s main cities called Neon, a flashy location similar to Cyberpunk 2077. In the first shot of the city in the game’s showcase, the Players have seen some graffiti next to a vent with the ominous “they’re coming” warning.

We can only speculate on who “they” are, but it certainly sounds ominous and like something you’d see at the Citadel Station or aboard the USG Ishimura. One possible culprit is a four-legged Starship Troopers-like creature that appears on a whiteboard in the lockpicking scene as the subject of a cloning experiment, with disturbing scratches on the metal walls elsewhere in that location.

The creature itself briefly appears around 8:08 in the trailer, at which point Starfield starts to look a lot more like Doom.

You can see the sinister graffiti courtesy of Twitter user @0dah_Ladders.

Scary stuff, okay. Given how creepy Skyrim and Fallout can get at times, we’re not at all surprised that Starfield is hiding some sinister secrets. After all, in space no one can hear you scream.

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Likewise, Starfield lacks seamless space travel from ship to planet, something I’m more than a little annoyed about, though I’ll probably get over it when running from creepy clone creatures in a hurry.

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