This tactical fantasy RPG needs your support: this is Zoria Age of Shattering, which releases a demo

If its Kickstarter campaign goes well, the launch is expected to take place in 2023 on PC.

Historically, PC role-playing games have always been a very prominent genre in the world of video games, with a formula that never expires thanks to the combination of the classic and the modern, something that is becoming more and more common in the industry. Above these lines you have the trailer of Zoria: Age of Shatteringa project of this style that is seeking support for a possible launch in 2023.

This title developed by Tiny Trinket Games has started its crowdfunding campaign and can already be supported through Kickstarter. They need $34,382 to fund the project, and at the time of this writing they have almost 500 backers and have raised $11,632, although there are still 27 days of campaigning ahead of them.

Zoria: Age of Shattering is a game of squad-based tactical RPG with turn-based combat set in the fantasy world of Zoria. In it we will have to lead a team of four heroes with unique abilities and advantages through an extensive land full of magic, ancient history, politics and countless mysteries that we will have to solve.

Managing the rest or state of the group will be essentialThe success of our mission does not depend only on our strategic capabilities or the power of our weapons, but also on it will be essential to take into account the state of the grouptaking care of his rest, the creation of materials and the management of the characters, crucial elements of the title.

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This tactical fantasy RPG needs your support: this is Zoria Age of Shattering, which releases a demo

The studio plans to launch a version in early access during the first quarter of next year for those who support the project, and then have the full game ready in the second half, with a expected launch in the third quarter of 2023. Of course, while there is a demo available on Steam to test it in advance, although the title can also be found on GOG.

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