Thor 4: 5 completely WTF versions taken from Marvel superhero comics

news culture Thor 4: 5 completely WTF versions taken from Marvel superhero comics

Thor: Love and Thunder arrives at the cinema to offer us, once again, a completely crazy adventure whose director Taika Waititi has the secret. This is an opportunity to come back to 5 completely WTF versions of the god of lightning.


  • Beta Ray Bill
  • Destroyer Thor
  • Iron Hammer
  • mighty thor
  • Throg

Beta Ray Bill

Beta Ray Bill, created by cartoonist and screenwriter Walt Simonson, is one of the best-known alternate Thors in the Marvel Universe. He first appears in the comic book The Mighty Thor #337 in November 1983. He is the champion of the Korbinites, an extraterrestrial semi-humanoid race. Korbin, his home planet was destroyed by the demon Surtur, forcing them to travel through space aboard their fleet of 10,000 starships. Beta Ray Bill has a cybernetic body, having been chosen during an athletic competition. For lack of food, the entire crew was placed in hibernation.

Thor was sent by SHIELD to challenge the fleet, when the latter entered the Milky Way. When the god of lightning entered the premises, he was confronted by Beta Ray Bill, who managed to seize Mjolnir, dispossessing Donald Blake (avatar of Thor) of his powers. Having heard the news, Odin carried the two wielders to determine which would be more worthy to lift the hammer in combat. Beta Ray Bill prevailed, but refused to take Mjolnir. To thank him for this gesture, the King of Asgard offered the alien another hammer, the Stormbreaker, with the same powers as Thor’s weapon. Since then, Beta Ray Bill has become one of the main allies of Asgard and the God of Lightning.

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Destroyer Thor

Destroyer Thor is clearly a version released for lack of inspiration from the Marvel writers. As a reminder, the Destroyer was created by screenwriter Stan Lee and designer Jack Kirby and appeared for the first time in the comic book Journey into Mystery #118 in July 1965. It is an Asgardian armor created by Odin and animated by his magic. She regularly confronts the God of Lightning. She is unaffected by the Mjolnir enchantment, imposed by Odin, allowing her to lift the hammer at will. That’s why, she can get Thor’s powers so easily.

Thor 4: 5 completely WTF versions taken from Marvel superhero comics

Iron Hammer

Iron Hammer is a character created by Gerry Duggan and Humberto and first appears in Infinity Wars #3 in 2018. He is the fusion of Thor and Tony Stark after Gamora, daughter of Thanos, bends the universe in two by merging its people, so that they can nurture the goddess Devondra in the universe of the Soul Stone. Known as Stark Odinson, this variant of the God of Lightning is just as vain as his originals. One day, when his behavior exceeds the limits, his father, Howard Odin banishes his son from Asgard by depriving him of his powers of god and his memories. He finds himself on Earth, wandering, with only a vast knowledge of technology in his head.

In the space of 5 years, he becomes the fifth richest man in the world. However, he is captured by Malekith, lord of the dark elves, so that he makes them weapons with the help of the blacksmith Eitri, also held captive. They will join forces to create super-powerful armor capable of defeating the dark elves. As a bonus, Eitri gives Stark a magic hammer, which he will call Mjolniron. This is how Iron Hammer was born. Thanks to the powers of his outfit allowing him to open the Bifrost, the son of Odin manages to reach Asgard, which restores his memories. The city of the gods had been invaded by dark elves, but Stark manages to kill their king. Odin offers his son to regain his immortality, but the latter refuses, explaining to him that his mortality made him understand the importance of life.

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Thor 4: 5 completely WTF versions taken from Marvel superhero comics

mighty thor

mighty thor is Dr. Jane Foster, former conquest of Thor, having obtained the grace of Mjolnir. She must face many foes as Asgard descends into chaos, spreading fear throughout the Ten Kingdoms. Suffering from breast cancer, her human form is slowly dying, and each use of the hammer does nothing to help her condition. Thor, meanwhile, has lost his powers since the events of Original Sin, and has become Odinson. The two lovers will unite in order to fight the evil that plagues the land of the gods. This version is also available in the latest Thor movie Love and Thunder.

Thor 4: 5 completely WTF versions taken from Marvel superhero comics


Thog is without a doubt, one of the most WTF variants in the Marvel stable. He is first introduced in Thor (vol.1) #364, released in 1986 and created by Walter Simonson. Simon Walterson was an American college football star. His talent allowed him to be recruited into the professional world. Unfortunately, a knee injury forced him to end his career. Subsequently, his wife died suddenly, plunging him into deep despair. One day, he meets a gypsy who has the power to contact the afterlife. Simon was able to talk to his wife, but he was unable to pay for this service. As punishment, the witch turned him into a frog.

In his new state, Simon met a community of batrachians with whom he sympathized. Newly named Puddlegulp, he and his compatriots embark on a crusade against the Rat Clan. Thor, who has also become a frog after a spell from Loki, helps them. After the battle is over, Thor reverts to his original form, leaving behind a fragment of Mjolnir. Puddlegulp manages to lift it, transforming the fragment into Grenjolnir and Simon into Throg, having the powers of Thor, but the size of a frog.

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Thor 4: 5 completely WTF versions taken from Marvel superhero comics

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