THQ Nordic Event Announcements & Video Highlights Featuring Alone in the Dark, Outcast 2 and Other New Games

A review of all the video games presented at the event whose genre with the most presence has been strategy.

After the broadcast of the THQ Nordic Digital Showcase 2022, which lasted 45 minutes, the event has left us with big announcements all the way up Without a doubt, the highlight of this event has been the return of Alone in the Dark in the form of a remake. Space for Sale has also made its mark with the premise of building and selling houses on planets. This along with Tempest Rising, which tries to emulate Command and Conquer in a new strategy title.

Alone in the Dark

Starting with the main course is synonymous with surprising your audience. Alone in the Dark returns in the form of a remake. Best of all, we have been able to see some light gameplay excerpts, which gives us a slight idea of ​​what the title will be like when it launches. The truth is that it aims to be a great survival horror. Of course, it will be a love letter to the original.

Destroy All Humans! 2 – Failed

The event has continued with another eagerly awaited title. It has been seen more gameplay where our endearing alien appears fighting a huge creature on a planet other than Earth. It has also been possible to see how destruction, combat, the ship, etc. behave. It has all the appearance of be more and better than its predecessor. The best of all? out the August 30th for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X|S.

space for sale

Space for Sale we will have the possibility of having our own solar systemand the most curious thing is that we will continue to be a small astronaut who must build and sell houses for customers. Who is it? Aliens who will pay us anything for a good job on the most unusual planets. The game of putting aside the collection of resources and the investigation of the fauna and flora of the planets is not forgotten either. Available to play alone or cooperatively.

Gothic 1 Remake

Gothic 1 returns with the same premise as the original. Totally renovated and reinvented. The mining environment hides many secrets and it was not going to be less than some most dangerous creatures. A survival game where you drive a prisoner and a clear mission: find supplies inside the mine.

Jagged Alliance 3

strategy and action They are more united than ever. Use your tactics to move around the stage and know when to shoot the enemy. With a extensive weapon customization and an aerial view we can go as far in combat as we want. As expected, it is a title that can be enjoyed in both multiplayer and single player. The title will come to PC.


If the previous title was turn-based strategy, this one is the complete opposite. The real time action it is too noticeable since we must manage a team who will have to manage to get out of the fight unscathed. The soldier management and combat It will be crucial in The Valiant, which hopes to conquer us just like other titles in the strategy genre have done. It will also bring a cooperative mode that will improve the experience.

Tempest Rising

The setting of this title is the opposite of the previous one. Of course, it is also in real time strategy. This time history has changed and the Cuban missile crisis in 1997 has triggered a third World war. Three factions will have to face each other to see who takes power. The RTS have been very noticeable in this event, and that is great news for lovers of the genre.

Knights of Honor II: Sovereign

This is another game of strategy which places us in Middle Ages. Even so, Knights of Honor 2 seeks to conquer us under the pretext that Europe be ours. While we decide on conquer or defend our landswe will use our ingenuity to manage trade, economy and more important aspects in this new strategy title.

Outcast 2 – A New Beginning

this game of open world action It has been one of the most interesting parts of the event. Cutter Slade returns in this sequel to the 1999 game where you will have to explore a strange world called Adelpha. we shall fight robot invaders while we help the Talans so that their civilization is not annihilated. For it, we will make use of our best ally, the jetpack.


Wreckreation wants us to enjoy a unique driving experience and the races. You can mold and create your own way a wide world just for you. your friends can too play on your designs, and you theirs. Who will be the best? That will be decided by the skill of each driver behind the wheel in this title developed by Three Fields Entertainment.

Way of the Hunter

All Nature by itself at your mercy You are the owner of a hunting ground where there are large species of wild animals. You will not only have to hunt them with a sniper rifle, but you will have to run a family business with certain problems to progress in Way of Thunder.

AEW: Fight Forever

AEW: Fight Forever is that mix of multiple fighting game elements that create the most complete experience. With nostalgic touches of arcade fighters Along with the movements of All Elite Wrestling which will bring career mode, extensive customization, multiple weapons and various types of combat.

Stuntfest – World Tour

Just one minute into Stunfest – World Tour has been more than enough for us to want to get our teeth into it. The proposal is very dynamic, since it wants combine the stunts with the full speed of the cars. For a better experience you are forced to intersperse flying with driving. If you want it try as soon as possible, don’t worry, this weekend you can do it. You will only have to request access through its official Steam page.

SpongeBob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shake

The event has closed with a new installment of spongebob which looks very good, especially for its graphics. Our yellow friend and his inseparable fellow patrick star come together for a new adventure in which they will have to travel multiple worlds in which we will wear a cosmic suit that will protect us from the dangers that arise on the stages.

However, it is worth mentioning that these games are only a part of everything that THQ Nordic has. At the end of the event they pointed out that they have 25 other unannounced games to present in the coming months.

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