Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands player wins a one in 85 billion ultra rare item

There’s no shortage of quality weapons to work with in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, but there are astronomical odds at stake when it comes to finding some of the best gear in the Borderlands spinoff. One player has managed to beat those overwhelming numbers and now owns an extremely rare item that has a 1 in 85 billion chance of dropping in the game.

Borderlands streamer Moxsy got his hands on the Ascended Warlock Amalgam of Glorious Purpose mod, a particularly coveted piece of gear that comes with five random bonus stats, is an Ascended tier item, the best tier in the game, and has Perfect Stats for each. slots

Those stats include a powerful 29.7% bonus to all damage, a 49% bonus to spell damage, a 27.7% increase to area of ​​effect damage, a 59.3% chance to land a critical hit with spells or abilities and 52.6% boost for Moxsy’s main character class, the Spell. For her secondary class, Graveborn, she also got a 26% bonus increase.

As spotted by Kotaku and YouTuber ConstantCanadian, Moxsy’s loot drop was due to the mathematical stars aligning on a number of factors. “There are 85 billion possible different variations of amalgamation, and Moxsy got this one,” ConstantCanadian explained to Kotaku.

You can see the full breakdown of the numbers in the video below:

In other Wonderlands news, the game has steadily added more DLC since its March release, such as Glutton’s Gambit and Coiled Captors. If you’re still playing regularly, you can check out our updated feature on Shift codes that can be used to earn top-tier gear in Brighthoof.

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