Today, Apple releases its connected watch at 1000€ and switches to Ultra Instinct mode

News hardware Today, Apple releases its connected watch at 1000€ and switches to Ultra Instinct mode

During the Apple Keynote on September 7, 2022, apple fans were treated to several announcements, including a nice surprise. While many were expecting an Apple Watch Pro, the firm has instead chosen to announce an Ultra model which has been available since today.

The Apple Watch Ultra: the real surprise of the Apple Keynote

Who says September, says back to school and who says back to school often says Keynote Apple. And for this year 2022, the rule has once again been respected. Thus and as for each Apple Keynote since the death of Steve Jobs, it was Tim Cook, the CEO of the apple who welcomed us in the middle of the gardens of Apple Park in Cupertino on Wednesday September 7 at 7 p.m. (French time). Without wasting time, the latter quickly announced that during this conference, Apple would only talk about three products: Watch, AirPods and iPhone.

While many rumors pointed to the announcement of an Apple Watch Pro in addition to the Series 8 and the new SE, Apple finally took everyone by surprise by announcing the Apple Watch Ultra. “A watch that pushes the limits” according to the apple and which is intended mainly for seasoned sportsmen who want to brave mountains and tides.

While pre-orders have been open for two weeks now, now is the time to discover the “surprise” product of the latest Apple Keynote. As with the 2nd generation AirPods Pro, this September 23, 2022 therefore officially marks the release of the Apple Watch Ultra.

  • Buy the Apple Watch Ultra for 999€ at Amazon
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Does the Apple Watch Ultra live up to its name?

When one chooses to give such a name to one of its products, one must be prepared for criticism if the performance does not correlate with its name. Apple knows this, but as often Apple does not intend to leave any room for disappointment among its consumers. If the competition has instead opted for the term “Pro”, it is in all conscience that the apple has stood out and wanted to do even better by offering an Ultra connected watch.

As you will see, for this expensive but high quality product, Apple has not skimped on the details. Knowing that this connected watch is intended primarily for great athletes, the wrist circumference had to keep pace. To meet the expectations of these exceptional athletes, Apple has simply put the package on the battery and autonomy side.since this model is simply able to hold 36 hours in normal use and nearly 60 hours in energy saving mode.

Apart from this longevity, durability is also in tune with this model. Titanium case, sapphire crystal, water resistance (up to 40m deep) and dust (IP6X), the Watch Ultra is equipped to face the seabed, the mountains or even the deserts. Added to this, the resistance to extreme temperatures of up to -20° to 55° Celsius. To be able to interact with your watch, even in the middle of the Sahara when the sun is at its zenith, Apple has also equipped the Watch Ultra witha screen that can illuminate up to 2000 nitsjust like that of the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

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Today, Apple releases its connected watch at 1000€ and switches to Ultra Instinct mode

Another novelty on the side of the screen of the Apple Watch Ultra, its design since unlike that of the Series 8 and the SE, the latter is completely flat. The night mode wayfinder dial is also a new feature that can be activated in an instant with the Digital Crown to let the information display in bright red when the ambient light is almost zero.

We can also talk about new “Action” button which is fully customizable and which increases the field of possibilities of the watch tenfold. That being said, you can imagine that to get this watch, you will have to take out a nice little nest egg worth €999 – or €20 less than the iPhone 14. We take advantage of these last words to remind us that Apple Watch Ultra and 2nd generation AirPods Pro are officially released this Friday, September 23, 2022.

  • Buy the Apple Watch Ultra for 999€ at Amazon
  • Buy the Apple Watch Ultra at 999€ at Fnac
  • Buy the Apple Watch Ultra at 999€ at Cdiscount

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