Today’s Wordle Response (#387) – Jul 11, 2022

It’s time for another week of Wordle! Today is July 11th and our word today is fun for me personally. It’s an old-fashioned word, so don’t give up if it’s not exactly the first word that comes to mind. However, it is also an interesting word because of its structure. Five letters leaves very little room to structure a word beyond a prefix and a suffix, but if you think about it long enough, you can understand why I find it great. If not, you’ll also see why that’s the case in the tips below.

Have you tried today’s Wordle yet? It’s a formality and not one we hear so often these days. Despite that, I think it’s common enough that everyone can get it once they figure out some of the lyrics. Today’s word also exemplifies the tactic of removing all vowels as soon as possible in Wordle. I won’t spoil which one it is just yet, but finding the right letter gave me the full word structure once I narrowed things down. If you want to use some words to do the same strategy, you should check out our list of the best starting words in the game. You are sure to find some gold there that will help you on your journey to become a Wordle master.

Today’s Wordle Response – Jul 11, 2022

As always, your answer awaits you at the bottom, but I’ve got a handful of suggestions for you here that should help.

  • Hint 1: Wordle’s answer today is part of the name of a moving NPC in Red Dead Online.
  • Hint 2: The most important thing about today’s word is that it is a palindrome, which means that it is a symmetrical word. If you read them forwards and backwards, they will be the same word. However, the most interesting thing about today’s word is that another form (in American English shorthand) is also technically a palindrome.
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Did you get Wordle’s answer today? I’ve got your back, so don’t worry. Today’s word is… ma’am. Yes, if you’ve played Red Dead Online, you’ve probably come across Madam Nazar, who travels quite a bit, making finding her a bit of a chore every time you log in. Also, if I remember correctly, I think I was first taught about palindromes with the word “ma’am”, and now I’m here teaching it to anyone who doesn’t know them now. I have finally reached the starting point. That’s it for today’s Wordle, but be sure to check back tomorrow for more tips and answers!

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