Tomb Raider: 33 secrets you don’t know about the adventures of Lara Croft

Game News Tomb Raider: 33 secrets you don’t know about the adventures of Lara Croft

When we think of an adventure saga, we often think of Tomb Raider and its iconic heroine Lara Croft. In this JV Facts, the editorial staff invites you to revisit the famous 33-point license, which you may not have known.

A studio-to-studio adventure

The first opus of Tomb Raider was released in 1996, creation of the Core Design studio. This will sign five other episodes of the adventures of Lara Croft until 2003, before having to hand over. If the first parts were very well received, the series runs out of steam and ends up lacking innovation. It was then Crystal Dynamics which took over in 2006 for three new titles. The saga then ends at Square Enix, which embarks on a complete reboot of Tomb Raider, offering a kind of origin story to the famous heroine. In total, the tomb robber franchise will have fifteen episodes, including three spin-offs, and will have sold more than 88 million copies worldwide. And it’s not ready to stop, since a new game is under development!

A successful adventurer

Lara Croft is undoubtedly one of the most famous video game heroines in the industry. In particular, she was able to show, from her first appearance in 1996, that she was not a damsel in distress. Intrepid and determined, the young adventurer does not need anyone to achieve her goals, and quickly established herself among the other great figures of adventure games like Nathan Drake of the Uncharted saga. With her iconic outfit and two guns, Lara Croft remains one of the most recognizable video game characters even today. The success of the games is such that the cinema is quick to seize the mythical title and adapt the adventures of Lara Croft for the big screen. This is how Angelina Jolie became the adventurer for two films, more or less appreciated… Regardless, this has not tarnished the success of the franchise, which is among the top 20 video game licenses most profitable of all time.

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