Top 10 Character Skins in Call of Duty: Mobile

Call of Duty: Mobile has been at the top of the mobile game charts for years at this point. It has been voted the best mobile game at The Game Awards 2019 and has been constantly updated with new content ever since. This includes game modes, characters, weapons, loadouts, seasons, and of course skins. And while it can be argued that it’s not that important in this game since you’re playing from a first-person perspective, it still matters that you look good when defeating opponents from their point of view.

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How to get character skins in Call of Duty: Mobile

There are several ways to get skins in CoD: Mobile. That largely depends on the type or rarity you’re after, but the skins can range from fairly common to rare, epic, legendary, and mythical that you don’t get to see in the game every day.

Some skins can be found in crates, while others come as daily login rewards. On the other hand, the game now follows the trend of many other games and has a regular and Premium battle pass. These in turn have some of their own masks. However, there are also those that are based on RNG from different sources, such as seasons, events, and tournaments. These you have to be lucky enough to throw at random. And of course, some skins just cost money to buy from the in-game store.

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In total, there are hundreds of skins of different rarities throughout the game, and we’ve picked our favorites in this list of the 10 best character skins for Call of Duty: Mobile.

Ten best character skins in Call of Duty: Mobile

Bathysphere – Eldritch Terror

Image via Zilliongamer

Now, you can argue that a skin like this doesn’t belong in a CoD game, but that’s precisely why it’s great. It’s so “out there” and unexpected. Also, the whole Cthulhu vibe that he goes for is just adorable. But to get it, you need to win a Deep Summoning giveaway.

Grinch – Crown of Havoc

Image via Zilliongamer

A festive ghillie suit might defeat the purpose, but at least it will put the entire lobby in a merry spirit. At least that’s what we hope, but it still looks awesome and hilarious at the same time. This skin comes from Holiday Draw Redux.

Gunzo – Jester Devil

Image via Zilliongamer

A lucky draw from Unhinged Jokester can land you this Gunzo skin straight out of the famous Killing Joke Batman story. That really speaks for itself on how amazing this particular skin is.

Hidora Kai – Shogun

Image via Zilliongamer

This skin needs some random luck on your side and can be obtained from a Shadow of the Blade draw. Dress Hidora Kai in a menacing suit of samurai armor that looks imposing and intimidating to look at.

Krueger – Black Hat

Image via Zilliongamer

Playing into the Western “black hat” trope fits the faceless Krueger very well, and this mask suits the silent, deadly killer perfectly. But to get it, you need to get lucky with a drop from the Dark Gunman box, and it’s also a Mythic rarity.

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Ghost – Osiris

Image via Zilliongamer

Phantom looks completely different when fully resplendent in gold. And in the skin of Osiris, he looks majestic and menacing. However, to get this one requires some RNG as you need to get it from a Crown of Kings draw.

Ruin — Action Figure

Image via Zilliongamer

Bordering on the mysterious, this aspect of Ruin is simply unnerving in the best of ways. By reimagining him as an action figure with a part showing, there’s a good chance he can scare the enemy into submission. However, you would need to get the Space Race pack to get it.

Seraphim – Tombstone

Image via Zilliongamer

In a lot of cowboy skins, Seraph stands out as one of the best. She is dressed from head to toe in black and purple, and presents a dangerous silhouette to any opponent. To get this skin, you need a draw from Frontier Justice.

Torque — King

Image via Zilliongamer

There are so many reasons to like this skin. They might have gone too far with the Scottish Highlands theme, but they somehow managed to keep it grounded, despite being part of a CoD game. However, you have to get it from a Highlands Crate.

Witch Doctor – Wrong Medicine

Image via Zilliongamer

Featuring an even more twisted take on an already twisted character, this skin is a dark mirror of what you might be used to when watching Witch Doctor. But you will need help from RNG, because it is a Pestilence draw.

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