Top 10 Killer Maps in Dead by Daylight

In Dead by Daylight, the Assassin is always the strongest piece on the board. They are continually on the hunt for Survivors and need to feed bodies to the Entity. Although the Assassin will always be the biggest threat in a match, there can be a varying degree to the effectiveness of him, depending on his environment. In some games, they may dominate one map, while in another, they may fail to hook someone. With that in mind, here are the best Dead by Daylight for Killers maps.

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The best maps for Killers in Dead by Daylight

Azarov’s resting place

Image via Behavior Interactive

Azarov’s Resting Place is one of the largest maps in Dead By Daylight, forcing survivors to cover considerable ground to get to the generators and teammates you put on hooks. The bottleneck in the middle can easily allow you to control half the map at once and force Survivors to stay away from areas you don’t want them in. While each side of the map has decent roaming areas for Survivors to hide in, the fact that you can take out a large chunk of it just by patrolling carefully will give you the upper hand in many situations.

Glenvale Grave

Image via Behavior Interactive

Grave of Glenvale is a brighter map than most others because of the sunset, but it’s still a game. This and the few hiding spots for Survivors make this one of the easiest maps for the Killer to find Survivors. The main road is always patrolled by the Killer, which makes getting out of the alleys to chase someone down a breeze. There’s only one building that allows Survivors to gain some elevation with room to move, so even if they work to get over you, there aren’t many areas to escape to when they get there.

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Lampkin rail

Image via Behavior Interactive

Lampkin Lane is the map of Michael Myers (or The Shape) and takes place in his small hometown. You can get into many of the buildings, but none of them offer good escape routes for survivors, and one building is a death trap with a generator stuck in one corner leaving you wide open for them to grab. Walking around outside as a Survivor is sure to get the Killer to find you, and the underground sections aren’t wide enough for anyone to have a cohesive escape plan. In short, Lampkin Lane is trap after trap for Survivors, but it’s a welcome playground for a killer.

Lery Memorial Institute

Image via Behavior Interactive

The internal maps can be quite challenging for Survivors, and the Lery Memorial Institute is no exception. The way the map is set up can make it feel like a maze. While they can potentially use the many nooks and crannies of each room, there aren’t many places to hide. Aside from the basement and an upstairs section near the middle, the map is completely flat. The tight spaces and lack of escape routes make this one of the best maps for Killers.

Midwich Primary School

Image via Behavior Interactive

This Silent Hill-inspired map is easily one of the most unbalanced maps in Dead by Daylight. Plays incredibly in favor of the Assassin. It’s small, doesn’t have a lot of pallets, and there are long hallways that give Killers ample chances to catch up with a Survivor. When you’re chasing a Survivor, there aren’t many places they can go to escape your grasp, and a Grappling Hook is always close by. You can almost always access the courtyard no matter where you are and the multi-story setup is only accessible in a few places by going up the stairs.

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Mount Ormond Resort

Image via Behavior Interactive

Mount Ormond Resort is the only map in the game with snow, making the field brighter, making it harder for Survivors to hide and easier for a Killer to find. In addition to visibility being in the Assassin’s favor here, the ski lodge building in the middle of the map is a tough area to escape during a chase. There are plenty of lanes for Killers with long range attacks to easily damage Survivors.

shelter of woods

Image via Behavior Interactive

When the largest landmark structure in a forest level is a tree, you know the survivors won’t have many places to go. Shelter Woods is probably the flattest area in the game, with no major buildings to enter and almost no elevation changes. Aside from going through the paddles, the Killer doesn’t have much to deal with here.

suffocation pit

Image via Behavior Interactive

The Generator location in the Suffocation Pit is often in large unobstructed areas, making this location generally favorable for Assassins. There are places that can be slightly mined, but for the most part, if a Survivor is off the center of the map, he will have to spend a lot of time finding an opportunity to work on the generators.

The game

Image via Behavior Interactive

The Game is the map associated with The Pig and the Saw franchise. The iconic bathroom from the movie is here, with multiple ways to catch a Survivor. There aren’t many pallets to drop on the Killer, and the top of the map is wide open, leaving survivors with pretty much nowhere to hide. This will cause a lot of Survivors to chase the basement, further favoring the Killer, as a lot of Hooks reside there.

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crane yard

Image via Behavior Interactive

Wrecker’s Yard has quite a bit of junk around the place, but nothing substantial for survivors to use to escape on a chase. Most palettes are in one area, so if you can work through them quickly, you essentially have free reign over the area. It’s a bit smaller, which leads to more interactions with the Assassin and less ground to cover overall.

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