Top 10 Minecraft Youtubers

The runaway success of Minecraft is well known. Thanks to a world where you can build anything, adventure is right outside your front door, and with tens of thousands of mods available, the world of Minecraft is an endless source of creativity and content. Sometimes, though, users will want to sit back and see what someone else can do in Mojang’s unique sandbox.

Fortunately, the popularity of Minecraft means that there are almost endless content creators working with the title to bring humor, imagination, and exploration to life. Countless YouTube personalities are vying for your eyes, which means scrutinizing Minecraft YouTubers can be daunting. With that in mind, here’s our list of the top 10 Minecraft YouTubers.

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#10 — Sundee

Image via SSundee on YouTube

Sundee explores multiple games including Among Us, Minecraft, and Fortnite on his YouTube channel. Known for creating creative role-playing opportunities like trying to escape a prison in Minecraft, SSundee also explores multiple mods in his Minecraft YouTube videos. SSundee has been a content creator on YouTube since 2009 and has generated over 12 billion views ever since.

#9 – JeromeASF

Image via JeromeASF on YouTube

Whether modding or running survival challenges, JeromeASF’s channel tends to feature collaborations with other Minecraft YouTubers along with his unique style of content. The videos change rapidly from various perspectives of players on the server with him as they venture through wilderness areas together. One thing we like about JeromeASF is that he tends to upload content frequently, which means that if there is ever a content drought, his channel is the oasis.

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#8 – A Cookie God

Image via aCookieGod on YouTube

Minecraft YouTuber aCookieGod specialized in Minecraft builds pretty much all the time. Many videos Cookie God uploads have unique builds that can inspire others with imagination and creativity, whether he is creating a custom biome or a Warden prison. One thing we like about Cookie God is that he’s completely focused on Minecraft, so when you browse to his channel, you know exactly what the new uploads will contain.

#7 – Farzy

Image via Farzy on YouTube

YouTuber Farzy has been going strong on the network since 2016, but in the comparatively short time of six years on the platform, he is fast approaching 1 million subscribers. The reason Farzy has become so popular is that Farzy looks like he really enjoy Minecraft, and that pleasure comes through its videos. Whether you’re starting an intense new game, polishing off a brilliant base design, or just going on a Minecraft adventure, Farzy is the new wave of Minecraft that goes beyond the standards set by its predecessors.

#6 – Aphmau

Image via Aphmau on YouTube

On YouTube, Aphmau is a well-known entity within the Minecraft realm. Also known as Jess, Aphmau tends to create kid-focused content, but that doesn’t mean you should write off her channel entirely. This creator is an absolute pro when it comes to working with the camera and framing her videos, resulting in easy-to-digest content that will spark that inner creativity.

Aphmau is another YouTuber on this list who has had an absurd number of views in her last decade on the platform, clocking in at over 13. billion total views. If you’re looking to explore what draws views on YouTube, a study on Aphmau’s camerawork is in order.

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#5 — The Atlantic Ship

Image via theAtlanticCraft on YouTube

This YouTuber has had a simple premise around his channel for the past few months: Minecraft mods. More mods than you realized were in the game. Atlantic Craft’s YouTube channel has been around for over a decade, and YouTube videos still come fast and fresh from this content creator. If Minecraft ever felt stale, a short visit to The Atlantic Craft is all you need to get inspired and create.

#4 – Bronze

Image via Bronzo on YouTube

Have you ever wondered if a pig could survive in Minecraft for 100 days? Bronzo’s YouTube channel combines mods, pre-made maps, and challenges with unique storytelling, and the result is absolute gold. There’s never a dull moment when this Minecraft YouTuber uploads a new video – the quick cuts and dialogue keep viewers transfixed long after the first video loads.

This Minecraft YouTuber is relatively new to the scene: as of the end of 2021, Bronzo has already reached more than 1.5 million subscribers with his creative. Unfortunately, that means there isn’t a massive backlog of videos to explore, and it doesn’t upload videos every day either. Instead, Bronzo focuses on quality over quantity – every video uploaded is an absolute creative delight.

#3 – MrBeast Games

Image via MrBeast Gaming on YouTube

Yes, that Mr. Beast – the perennially popular YouTuber likes to focus on Minecraft with one-off shots, a cast of recurring players, and average weekly uploads. Mr Beast Gaming has uniquely created maps for many of his videos, as well as unique mod spotlights. The shaky camera effects might be too much for older viewers, but the younger audience still loves this popular YouTuber.

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#2 — DanTDM

DanTDM, also known as ‘Dan The Diamond Minecart’, has been a big player in kid-friendly content on YouTube, and a lot of that content is focused on Minecraft. A content creator for over a decade, this British gentleman has an instantly relatable laugh as he scours the internet for fresh content. With over 26 million subscribers, he is not subject to daily uploads, but his most recent releases are unique and constantly fresh shots of him interacting with his fans.

#1 – Captain Sparklez

Competing for the top spot with DanTDM is Captain Sparklez. Also known as Jordan Maron, the Captain scores a victory thanks to incredibly catchy Minecraft music videos. Jordan Maron has his own mobile game company, a clothing line, as well as owning a very popular YouTube channel that focuses on Minecraft. Captain Sparklez, one of YouTube’s oldest Minecraft-focused gaming channels, is involved in shaping the modern Minecraft YouTube into what it is today.

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