Top 3 Split Screen Chrome Extensions to Use in 2022

Split screen extensions to improve browsing experience

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  • Looking for a way to view multiple Chrome windows and tabs on the same monitor?
  • If that’s the case, then we have the solutions you’ve been looking for all this time.
  • This is entirely possible and can be done using some Google Chrome extensions.
  • Also, find out how to resize tabs in Chrome.

Instead of troubleshooting with Chrome, you can try a better browser: OperaYou deserve a better browser! 350 million people use Opera daily, a complete browsing experience that comes with several integrated packages, improved resource consumption, and great design. This is what Opera can do:

  • Easy Migration – Use Opera’s wizard to transfer existing data such as bookmarks, passwords, etc.
  • Optimize resource usage – your RAM is used more efficiently than Chrome
  • Enhanced Privacy: Unlimited Free VPN Built-in
  • No Ads – Built-in ad blocker speeds up page loads and protects against data mining
  • Download Opera

If you are a Chrome user then this should be your thing. Google’s Chrome browser has been updated to version 100, an update that is now rolling out to stable channels on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS.

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The biggest change is the arrival of a revamped logo, a bit more basic and without all the shading details of the 2014 logo.

This new version comes with some significant changes to the user agent string as well as the multi-screen window placement API.

This API allows listing the displays connected to a user’s machine and placing windows on specific displays.

But let’s cut right to the chase and show what you came here for in the first place, whether you can split screen in Chrome, and if so, how to do it.

Can Chrome do split screen tabs?

Although there is no built-in method for this, users can choose from a variety of extensions to install and split tabs into separate screens to improve accessibility.

Split screen Chrome extensions serve as an excellent utility for most users, especially those who use multiple tabs at once and want all of their content to be displayed at the same time.

Quick tip:

As an alternative to Chrome, Opera has a smaller memory footprint and is known for being fast and stable. Also, switching to Opera allows you to import with passwords and extensions from Chrome.

Opera is available for various operating systems including BeOS, Symbian OS, Linux, Mac OS, OS/2, Solaris, and Windows. Opera Neon is Opera’s futuristic browser with built-in split screen options.


A late version of Opera Neon for Windows has built-in features for split screen and a cropping tool.

What are the best split screen extensions for Chrome?

Another great addition for Chrome split screen using a shortcut is that this extension offers a variety of layouts.

The best part about Split Screen for Google Chrome is that it allows you to split the screen into three or four different windows using the default option. The extension is preferred by users who prefer a simple user interface.

The extension is currently not trusted for Improved safe browsing in Chrome, and you may get a prompt informing you of the same when installing it.

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Get split screen for Google Chrome

mosaics chrome lash extension logo

Tile Tabs Chrome extension will be a great addition if you prefer to arrange the tabs as separate tiles. Accessible from the context menu, the extension makes adding new tabs or modifying their layout simple and convenient.

Also, you can drag the border and resize the various tiles with ease. The extension is available in both Chrome and Firefox, and its availability in the former ensures that Edge and Opera users can install it as well.

⇒ Get mosaic tiles

How can I resize tabs and access split screen for Chrome?

1. Start your Chrome browser and type Chrome web store in the search field.

two. Access Chrome web store and look for the split screen extension.

chrome web store split screen

3. Select the called extension: Tab Resizing – Split Screen Layouts.

tab resizing split screen download extension

Four. Click on the Add to Chrome button.

add extension to chrome button

5. Now click on add extension.

add extension popup confirmation box

6. Press the extension button, choose the desired format and split your screen.

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chrome resize tab confirm selection

Using Tab Resize – Split Screen Layouts extension is the recommended way to split your PC screen. As its own description says, this extension really is Split Screen simplified. You can use it for both resizing a tab and splitting the screen, as the extension can do both.

When you find it in the Chrome Store, you’ll also see that it has multi-monitor support, in case that’s something you were looking for as well.

How to get rid of split screen in Google Chrome?

Since there is no built-in option for this, you are probably using a split-screen Chrome extension. And in this case, the easiest way to get rid of split screen in Google Chrome is to disable or remove the extension.

Also, you can check the extension’s built-in way to get rid of split screen, either a keyboard shortcut, through the context menu, or using the extension’s menu.

This is pretty much everything you need to know to successfully partition and split your screen the way you’ve always wanted, allowing you to view and access multiple content simultaneously. Also, you can split screen in Chrome on Mac using these extensions.

Did you find this article helpful? Share your experience with us in the comments section below.

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