Top 4 Hades Builds To Try On Your Next Run

Hades is one of the most popular Rogue-lite games in recent years and offers many different builds and strategies to make each playthrough unique. Because so much of the game is random, it can be difficult to get everything you need to make a build work. However, with a bit of luck and knowing what to pay attention to, you can make truly devastating builds.

Top 4 Builds To Try In Your Next Hades Run

One exceptional aspect of Hades, along with the award-winning art and music, is that it’s balanced enough that most weapon and skin builds will work, depending on your playstyle and skill level. These builds help bring out the best features of your weapons and make creative use of skins to make them work creatively. All of these builds focus on unlocking the powerful duo skins between the gods, which require a bit of luck to obtain, but allow the full potential of these weapons to shine.

Eris Rail

Gamepur screenshot

The Eris Skin for the Adamant Rail weapon unsurprisingly offers an element of chaos in your Hades run. This skin gives you bonus damage for a short time after absorbing the weapon’s special. This build relies on you firing your special repeatedly so you can keep your normal attack damage up. Taking on skins like Zeus’ Thunder Dash and Poseidon’s Tempest Strike not only allows you to increase your dash and normal attack damage, but can open up the chance to get the Sea Storm duo’s boon, which causes enemies to be struck by lightning. when they are removed. .

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For your Daedalus Hammer upgrades, look to Triple Bomb as it will allow you to fire multiple bombs at once, making it easier to absorb your special with each shot. Once you slow down absorbing your special and increasing your damage, this is a devastating build, especially against bosses.

  • Weapon and Skin: Adamant Rail – Aspect of Eris
  • Necessary Blessings: Thunder Dash, Tempest Strike (Sea Storm duo favor)
  • Recommended Daedalus Hammer Upgrade: triple bomb

Hera’s bow

Gamepur screenshot

This weapon focuses on throws to deal extra damage. The Hera Aspect of the Heartseeker Bow allows players to store throws and use them as a charged attack. The core strategy here is to use your throws immediately and repeatedly. It can be a difficult strategy to master when you have the chaos of escaping the underworld all around you, but the right boons make this build much more manageable.

Athene’s Phalanx Shot provides defense and increases damage. Use Athene’s Keepsake early in your run to increase your chances of picking it up quickly. Later, switch to Aphrodite’s Keepsake so you can collect the Passion Dash from her. This will unlock the blessing of the Parting Shot duo. This gives her a massive damage boost on cast from her, which she will cast constantly anyway.

For your Daedalus Hammer upgrades, Triple Shot is your best bet as it will give you some much-needed splash damage, allowing you to take out groups of enemies faster.

  • Weapon and Skin: Heartseeker Bow – Aspect of Hera
  • Necessary Blessings: Phalanx Shot, Passion Dash (Parting Shot duo)
  • Recommended Daedalus Hammer Upgrades: triple shot
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Beowulf Shield

Gamepur screenshot

This build requires you to focus a lot on your dash attack, paying particular attention to where you end up after using the Dragon Rush ability so you can get your throws back when you’ve spent them.

You’ll want to pick up the Deadly Strike boon from Artemis as soon as you can. This will increase your attack rate by 15%. After that, try to pick up Drunken Dash, which opens up a chance to get the Splitting Headache duo’s boon. This increases your critical chance for each instance of the Hangover status effect. Because Drunken Dash offers this effect generously, you can deal outrageous damage to bosses with a high critical hit chance.

The Breaching Rush Daedalus Hammer upgrade causes your Dragon Rush ability to deal bonus damage to armor, allowing you to wear down powerful enemies more quickly.

  • Weapon and Skin: Shield of Chaos – Aspect of Beowulf
  • Necessary Blessings: Deadly Strike, Drunken Dash (Splitting Headache Duo Blessing)
  • Recommended Daedalus Hammer Upgrades: breakout fever

Poseidon’s Sword

Gamepur screenshot

The Poseidon Aspect for Stygian Blade gives you the ability to dislodge your throws from enemies using your special, so this build will focus on using your throws generously and getting them back from enemies quickly.

Aphrodite’s Crush Shot places a cap on the rage of your cast, but in return deals increased damage and deals the Weak status ailment. Combine this with Ares’ Curse of Pain, which increases your special damage. These two will unlock the Curse of Longing duo skin, which applies the Doom status ailment to any enemy weakened by your cast. Since you’ll be constantly dropping your casts and retrieving them with your special, this combination is deadly.

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The Super Nova Daedalus Hammer upgrade gives your special a huge 20% damage boost. Also, deal your special damage over a wider area.

  • Weapon and Skin: Stygian Blade – Aspect of Poseidon
  • Necessary Blessings: Crush Shot, Curse of Pain (Curse of Longing duo skin)
  • Recommended Daedalus Hammer Upgrade: Supernova

There are plenty of additional quests and stories to unravel in Hades, including undoing your friend Sisyphus’ sentence of eternal toil.

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