Top 5 Hot Tub Streamers on Twitch

Twitch has had an undeniable impact on gaming throughout its tenure thus far, from the early days of Justin.TV to the Amazon purchase, and there’s no sign of it stopping. However, Twitch has seen fit to expand its army of game creators to IRL streamers, and from IRL to a new streamer archetype known as ‘hot tub streamers’.

Found within Twitch’s ‘Pools, Hot Tubs, and Beaches’ category, this new wave of streamers focuses more on personal aesthetics. The main attraction of a hot tub streamer is their body, and they draw attention to it in many ways: scrawling subscribers’ names on themselves, provocative poses, and a litany of various swimsuits to hold viewers’ attention.

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For this part, transmissions were ranked based on the following specific criteria to ensure accurate ranking:

  • active time
    • Many streamers will walk away from the camera for hours, either forgetting they were online or just trying to attract subscribers and follow them during this time. Streamers who failed to average a minimum active time of 90% across three broadcasts were heavily penalized in the final score.
  • Viewer interaction/distraction
    • Some streamers watched had a hard time putting down their phone, meaning viewers were looking at the tops of their heads as they texted with their best friends and tweeted up a storm. Still, reality happens no matter how a streamer presents himself, so this category was lightly weighted against the overall follow count that determined how often a streamer was distracted by something off-camera and how long the distraction lasted.
  • Variety
    • Variety is the spice of life, and even for hot tub streamers, it takes a dash of something new to keep the content engaging. Whether it’s new games, bringing the IRL stream to a venue, or just bringing new friends, mixing it up brings a higher overall value to our score.
  • Popularity
    • The overall popularity of a hot tub streamer seems like an ideal metric for finding the “best” of the bunch, but can be misleading due to the first three qualifiers. The most beautiful, or the most classically attractive, hot tub streamer means little if the stream itself is a nap. However, weight was given to popularity (similar to variety) as a means of letting people vote.
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Here are the top five hot tub streamers on Twitch, in ascending order.

5) Kaellin

Image via KaellynTV

While other streamers may be more comfortable in the studio, Kaellyn takes her audience everywhere. From mixed martial arts to the shores of Greece, Kaellyn isn’t afraid to venture into the wild blue yonder. Kaellyn appears to be restarting her Twitch channel after a hiatus that lasted almost ten months.

4) Little Lianna

Image via LittleLianna

Little Lianna has only been streaming on her current Twitch channel since December 2021, and has since seen astronomical growth thanks to her big personality packed into her tiny body. Her broadcast schedule can be erratic at times, but viewers always find her a joy to catch.

3) Amoranth

Image via Amouranth

There’s not much left to say about the pioneer of hot tub streamers: A controversial, hilarious, and well-known entity on the Twitch platform, Amouranth has harnessed her ability to turn heads or two and built an empire. The only reason this Twitch erotica expert is currently ranked lower is due to her recent penchant for leaving the stream, occasionally for hours on end.

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2) The DanDangler

Image via TheDanDangler

Coming in at No. 2 is Danyell broadcasting under the name TheDanDangler, who comfortably straddles the line between mainstream and weird broadcasting, often jumping between the two with ease. A veteran of the platform, TheDanDangler has been on Twitch since late 2019 and was recently found in the Just Chatting or Pools, Hot Tubs and Beaches category.

1) iBabyRainbow

Image via iBabyRainbow

iBabyRainbow, a classic hot tub streamer, lives in a fancy California beach apartment. In her backyard there’s a pool and the beach, which means this streamer experiences both. In the past week, he’s gone fishing on the back deck, worked on his yoga, and grilled more than a handful of times. Her sweet-girl personality may recall some of the raves of yesteryear, and her chat interactions are consistently interesting.

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The most telling thing about iBabyRainbow, however, is its explosive growth on the streaming platform. With his casual personality and seemingly spontaneous trips to various cities across the US, iBabyRainbow is currently one of the fastest growing hot tub streamers on Twitch.

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