Top 8 Units in Floppy Knights

Floppy Knights is a game that is all about building your deck as big as possible and filling it with as many helpful and helpful cards as you can. Well, you should probably do some tactical thinking first before metaphorically folding all those beautifully drawn cards as you shuffle them into your deck of 30.

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Fortunately, Floppy Knights is one of the best indie tactics games out there, offering plenty of wiggle room for you to play with when building the perfect deck. From apples with legs to shadow mushrooms with lots of health, these units are the best in the game and definitely deserve a spot in your deck.


8 captain thistle

Captain Thistle is the first and possibly the best commander unit you’ll get. Not only do they sport one of the coolest skins in the game, but they also deal the most damage early in the game. With five health and four damage at his disposal, Captain Thistle is a force to be reckoned with.

His cycle card, Plow Ahead, is apparently a better version of ‘move’ and can help any units that are falling behind catch up with the rest of the crew. While Captain Thistle may not have the ridiculous health or brute strength of other commanders, he is a perfect all-rounder who will decimate his enemies quickly and efficiently.

7 apple jacker

Applejacker, like many of the Hooligan units, is fantastic. Sharing the same amount of health as Captain Thistle, Applejacker is a tough cookie to crack. What they lack in speed, is literally an apple with legs, what did you expect? They more than make up for it in strength. If you need a decent bodyguard for your commander unit, Applejacker is definitely the unit for the job.

His special card is Smoke Bomb, which, despite its high energy cost, can be extremely useful. Allows a unit to move, then turns it invisible for one turn. It is quite effective, especially if you find yourself in a sticky situation and need to get out of it as safely as possible.

6 barrel cacti

This big beefy barrel is one of the best cards in the game and for good reason. Barrel Cactus has a base seven health points before any upgrades. That’s the second highest in the game for non-commander units. Even outside of that, Barrel Cactus can deal AoE damage, which hits any units in adjacent tiles. It is as deadly as it is adorable.

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Of course, like most units in Floppy Knights, Barrel Cactus provides you with a useful card in addition to dealing a lot of damage. His card is Cactus Juice, which restores three health points to any of your units. That’s a lot of health to recover, and it can be the literal difference between life and death. When upgraded, Barrel Cactus is pretty much unstoppable, so it’s definitely worth having in your deck.

5 succulent kicker

Granted, Succulent Kicker isn’t the best card when taken at face value. It moves quickly, but deals very little damage and dies in one hit. But that is if you use Succulent Kicker as a unit. In all honesty, you’re better off using it to pad your deck.

Succulent Kicker isn’t just good cannon fodder or great for standing in portals – just one of many great beginner tips for you there – but they’re also great for extra cards. When played, Succulent Kicker gives you jump (a move card that costs no energy) and kick (an attack card that costs one energy and causes knockback). Basically, you get free movement and another chance to deal damage. So what’s not to love about this cute little man?

4 bird’s eye

Birdseye is a jack of all trades, if you will. They have three health, three attack, and four speed. This means they can move moderately fast, take two hits most of the time, and deal a substantial amount of damage. Suffice to say, much like the Succulent Kicker, on the surface Birdseye isn’t anything spectacular.

However, what makes them such a compelling unit and a fantastic option for your deck is the additional card they grant. Mock allows you to mimic the damage output of any other enemy unit on the field. Since certain enemies can deal more than ten damage at any given time, Mock can be an especially useful tool in your arsenal.

3 Bamboo

Bamboomer is the best ranged unit in all of Floppy Knights. Its range is a whopping three squares in any direction, meaning you can deal reasonably a lot of damage from afar without the enemy touching you. They also do a lot of damage, more than Chuckie, who is the only other unit with a range of three squares.

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Bamboomer’s bonus card isn’t particularly special. Roots allow you to move one unit and, if they were on a forest tile, they can move two additional squares. It’s not horrible by any means, and a free circulation card is always appreciated. It’s just not great compared to some of the other units. However, Bamboomer should remain a core component of any Floppy Knight deck.

two Spitunia

Spitunia is one of several enemies that deals poison damage. Poison damage, unsurprisingly, deals damage over time. In Floppy Knights it can be incredibly effective as enemies lose health before they can move. If you deplete an enemy’s health just before his turn, fear not, as he’ll be dead before his feet can even lift off the ground.

Spitunia doesn’t deal much damage, but it has a range of two, making it perfect as a support unit. They also add a poison shot card to your deck, which is a useful bonus and always appreciated extra attack.

1 Shadow Mushroom

If you thought Barrel Cactus had a lot of health then hold the phone as Shady Shroom has ten health points. Impossible, inconceivable, unheard of. It’s pretty impressive and this cool guy knows it too. Just look at that smooth mushroom with his cool black jacket and dark eyes. Totally radical.

Shady Shroom, like Barrel Cactus, also does AoE damage, although admittedly not a huge amount. With a painfully slow movement speed, especially compared to Hooligan’s other units, and a weak attack, you may not feel like putting Shady Shroom in your deck. However, we recommend it simply for the number of hits it can take before going down. It is one of the many viable strategies in Floppy Knights that make the game one of the best 2D turn-based combat games.

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