Total Warhammer 3 DLC Will Add Valkia the Bloody

The latest lord to come with Total War: Warhammer 3 Champions of Chaos DLC has been officially revealed, following a pretty neat sneak peek. He is Valkia the Bloody, a Khorne-aligned demon queen whose melee abilities are among the most fearsome in the history of the strategy game series.

Once the queen of a northern tribe of barbarians, Valkia was resurrected by Khorne to be his personal consort. Knowing he has the favor of the Blood God, Khorne’s minions fight harder when he is close: his Gaze of Khorne passive ability grants increased base weapon damage, armor penetration, and leadership to all warriors within. of his aura of leadership.

He has tremendous melee stats, and his Daemonshield grants him temporary invulnerability, while his Spear of Slaupnir causes eruptions along the ground in a straight line.

On the campaign map, Valkia’s army also gains a 35% movement range bonus when an enemy tries to retreat from battle, so no one will escape if Valkia doesn’t feel like letting them go. Additionally, all characters in his faction gain a 20% movement bonus after winning a battle. They also gain access to bloodshed and gain 50% more souls from sacrificing captives – blood for the Blood God and all that.

The full set of legendary lords that come in the Champions of Chaos lords pack have now been revealed: in addition to Valkia (Khorne), there’s Festus the Leechlord (Nurgle), Prince of Doom Azazel (Slaanesh), and Vilitch the Curseling. , the ‘Crooked Twin’ (Tzeentch).

They will all be available with the Champions of Chaos DLC, which launches alongside the Immortal Empires beta, which is set to release later this month.

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