Tower of Fantasy Claudia: Stats, Weapon Skills, and Breakthroughs

the Claudia Fantasy Tower simulacra is almost upon us, arriving with the 1.5 release date later this month. There are already plenty of high-ranking and powerful simulacra available as part of the free-to-play PC game’s gacha system, but Claudia already promises to rank high on our Tower of Fantasy tier list. Armed with her deadly Guren Blade, Claudia’s quick melee will appeal to anyone looking for a hard-hitting SSR character to add to her team.

It is important to notice that, While it has been available in the Chinese version of the anime game for quite some time, the current details of the Tower of Fantasy Claudia simulacrum as it exists in the global version may be subject to change. As is typical of most MMORPGs, his abilities may be buffed and nerfed to balance them in the future. With that being said, here are all the details we currently have for the Tower of Fantasy Claudia simulacrum and her Guren Blade weapon.

Claudia Fantasy Tower Stats

Claudia has an incredibly aggressive playstyle capable of dealing massive amounts of damage per second (DPS). Her Guren Blade is capable of piercing through enemies with deadly precision, and her mobility gives them little chance to retaliate. Check out this trailer to learn more about the backstory of this tenacious captain:

Claudia’s Mock Stats

Break: 7.50
Collect: 12.00
Attack: sixteen
Endurance: 6
CV: 1165

Weapon Type: Physical
Increases physical attack by 15% and physical resistance by 25%. Activate by equipping two or more physical damage weapons. This set effect also works with weapons in the left hand slot. The effect cannot be stacked.
Weapon Effect: Serious
Fully charged weapons will deal 137.00% of Attack damage on the next attack and cause the target to become Grievous for seven seconds, taking 20% ​​additional damage.

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Guren Blade Weapon Skills

Here are all the Guren Blade weapon abilities and their precise stats, so you know exactly how much damage you’ll be dealing.

fast cut

While on the ground, swing the blade to attack five times in a row.

  • First attack: Deals damage equal to 46.8% of Attack + 2 and knocks the target back a short distance.
  • Second Attack: Deals damage equal to 65.6% of Attack + 3 and knocks the target back a short distance.
  • Third attack: Deals damage equal to 59.3% of Attack + 2 and knocks the target back a short distance.
  • Fourth Attack: Deals damage equal to 104.1% of Attack + 2 and knocks the target back a short distance.
  • Fifth attack: Deals damage equal to 177.8% of Attack + 2 and knocks the target back a short distance.

jump shot

While in the air, tap normal attack to attack 4 times in a row.

  • First attack: Deals damage equal to 27.9% of Attack + 1.
  • second attack: Deals damage equal to 48.4% of attack + 3.
  • Third attack: Deals damage equal to 114.6% of Attack + 6.
  • Fourth Attack: Deals damage equal to 139% Attack + 7 and knocks back.


Hold down the normal attack button after normal attacks to activate Cyclone. On impact, suspends the target, dealing 47.8% Attack + 3 to a single target.

Tower of Fantasy: Claudia uses her Guren Blade to perform her Quick Slash ability on a group of bipedal robots, slicing them into strips.

diving edge

Tap and hold the normal attack while in the air, or tap the normal attack while climbing, jumping back, or using the Jetpack to activate Diving Edge. While falling, deals damage equal to 10% of Attack + 1 for each hit. Upon landing, it deals damage equal to 76.4% of Attack + 4 and knocks the target back. The higher the altitude when activating the attack, the higher the damage dealt, up to 600% damage.

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sneak attack

Approach the enemy from behind while crouched, then tap the normal attack to use Sneak Attack, dealing damage equal to 570% of Attack +30.

Dodge: jump attack

Tap the normal attack for the brief period after dodging to activate Leap Attack. The Wanderer swings his sword, dealing damage equal to 37.9% Attack + 2 to the target, suspending them with force and launching into the air, then dealing an additional damage equal to 56.8% Attack + 3. .

Ability: Wander

Dance across targets while swinging the blade, dealing damage equal to 418% attack + 22 total up to 5 targets (attacking the same target deals 20% less damage). At the end of the Skill, it cuts the gap in front, dealing damage equal to 264% of Attack + 14 to targets, and Suspends them. Immune to crowd control effects while the ability is in use, and all damage taken is reduced by 50%. Cooldown: 15 seconds.

Discharge: Rampant Burst

When the weapon charge is full or Phantasia is activated, switching to this weapon from another weapon removes all debuffs from the wielder, who heavily charges and suspends a target, dealing 523.3% attack + 28 damage, leaving behind a Bladestorm that Deals 209.6% Attack + 11 Damage to the target, while gaining immunity to Pain/Freezing/Burning/Shocking effects for 5 seconds.

claudia advances

Tower of Fantasy handles simulacrum duplicates similarly to Genshin Impact, allowing you to trade those duplicates to unlock significant advancements for your Tower of Fantasy weapons. Some advancements may grant a direct benefit, while others may modify the way an ability works. Either way, the advances are guaranteed to bring significant benefits.

  • 1 star: Each time an ability or shock ability hits a target, a stack of damage increase is granted, increasing damage dealt by 8% for 25 seconds (stacks up to 3 times; each successful ability use or shock can only grant one stack).
  • 2 stars: Increases the base attack growth of the current weapon by 16%.
  • 3 star: Hitting a target with an ability or shock ability applies a stack of War Wounds to the target, increasing the physical damage taken and frag effects of physical and elemental weapons taken by the target by 10% for 15 seconds . Stack up to 1 time.
  • 4 stars: Increases the base HP growth of the current weapon by 32%.
  • 5 stars: Hitting targets with abilities or a shock ability grants a damage boost, increasing all damage by 20% for 25 seconds. The effect cannot be stacked.
  • 6 stars: Hitting the same target no longer reduces damage dealt. After using Guren Blade or a shock ability, all targets with War Wounds within 8 meters gain another stack of War Wounds.
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Tower of Fantasy – A close-up of Claudia, the simulacrum added in the 1.5 Artificial Island update, with her hair swirling around her.

Claudia’s Awakening Traits

Choosing to play as specific simulacra instead of the Wanderer you designed in Tower of Fantasy’s character customization menu is very much a cosmetic choice. However, the awakening system allows you to unlock a couple of additional perks and abilities unique to that simulacrum by offering them gifts to earn points. Claudia’s favorite gifts are everyday items, rare items, and decorations.

  • 1,200 points: Blink: Turn invisible for one second after dodging.
  • 4,000 points: Shadow: Turn invisible for 1.5 seconds after dodging.

That’s all we know about the Tower of Fantasy Claudia simulacrum and her Guren Blade weapon skills ahead of its worldwide release. Claudia is anticipated to replace Frigg as the featured simulacrum for the limited Tower of Fantasy banner. Check out our best Tower of Fantasy Frigg build if you’re lucky enough to have taken it. Alternatively, if you’re still searching for those elusive Tower of Fantasy Voyager vehicle parts, or stuck on solving every Tower of Fantasy constellation, we’ve got you covered.

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