Tower of Fantasy: Complete List of Alyss Abilities

Alyss is one of the most powerful Frost weapons in fantasy tower and can take even a mediocre team to another level. Most of that is thanks to his versatile kit and skill list.

From invincibility frames on a basic attack to a buff area larger than Frigg’s stacking with him, to his one-star boost that vastly improves your performance, you won’t need to spend a ton of currency or real-world money to get get a ton of value. We will cover all of Alyss’s abilities in this guide.

Complete list of skills for Alyss in Tower of Fantasy

Images via Hotta Games

Alyss’ abilities are more than just flashy – they’re downright deadly. Her standard combos, along with her ability and her bolt, make her a must have for any Frost specific team.

His first two passive abilities, Ice Shell and Frost Resonance, are pretty standard for limited banner weapons.

  • ice shell Freezes enemies on attack immediately after the weapon reaches full charge.
  • Frost Resonance increases frost attack by 15% and stamina by 25%, provided you have at least two frost weapons equipped.

Combine these passives with the moves below, and Alyss is an absolute beast.

Alyss Unyielding Wing Normal Attacks

You have access to five normal attacks with Alyss, and using them optimally is critical to getting the best DPS possible. Try chaining these combos together or canceling them into his Skill or another Bolt to deal even more damage. You can finish the combo by holding Attack and activating Dancing Flash.

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Swan Arc – Five regular ground attacks

Alyss’s default combo, hit attack five times without jumping. Each attack does over 100% of its ATK value, plus a healthy bonus. The percentage and flat bonus increase significantly with successive attacks, so this moveset alone can work wonders.

Sweep Combo: Jump, then five regular attacks

If you can sneak a jump into your combo chain, you can initiate the Sweeping Combo. It starts off with significantly less damage at 100% before dipping further on the second hit, then starts building up until the final hit, which is over 300% of your total ATK. Each kick also has a flat bonus, with the last one causing a knockdown. Note that you cannot enter Dancing Flash; just the whirling waltz movement.

Dancing Flash: Attack, then hold attack

Alyss’ final bread and butter combo, Dancing Flash, not only deals over 300% damage over five hits, but also renders you invulnerable if used within four seconds of using an ability or going dormant. You can also continue to attack once Dancing Flash ends, meaning you can switch from Swan Arc to Dancing Flash and back again as many times as needed. The last hit suspends its target for 95% attack.

Sweep Dive: Jump, then hold attack

A simple diving kick that deals 95 ATK plus a flat bonus, you can use Sweeping Dive to attack from the air and from a great height without taking falling damage.

Waltz: keep attacking

Alyss spins on one leg with the other leg extended horizontally, slashing anything nearby, dealing over 100% ATK plus a flat bonus as long as you keep spinning. Spinning slowly drains your stamina and the attack ends with a final kick before your stamina begins to recharge.

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Alyss Dodge skills in Tower of Fantasy

Every Weapon has a couple of Dodge abilities, and Alyss is no exception.

Dance form: dodge, then attack three times

This combo suspends the target, if able, then deals nearly 600% total damage through a flurry of quick kicks, ending in a Street Fighter Spiral Arrow-style lunge kick. Depending on what the situation calls for, you can go directly to another combo chain once you finish this one.

Latent Skate Hold Dodge or Dodge and Hold Attack

Alyss transforms into a dragonfly and moves at 150% of her normal speed while flying. You’ll use up your stamina quickly in dragonfly form, but you’ll fly in a straight line as long as you have gauge to do so, and when you exit the transformation, you’ll deal over 300% ATK and freeze nearby enemies. for two seconds.

Alyss Ability: Chilling Field

When you press the Ability button, Chilling Field zooms in on all enemies, dealing over 850% damage in multiple hits while strongly suspending them. The Field itself also appears in a large radius for 30 seconds.

Each time you use a discharge ability within the field, you will deal an additional 125% Frost damage while slowing targets. Every 12 times you activate Unyielding Wing’s on-hit effects, Spacial Slice activates, filling the field with blades that deal around 165% ATK damage to any target within for 25 seconds.

Alyss Download: Starry Night

Alyss’s Bolt causes her to jump into the air and float for a few seconds before crashing, launching everything in a nearby radius, dealing over 550% ATK damage, removing all debuffs and making her invincible for 1.5 seconds.

Alyss Breakthrough Skills

Like all characters in any gacha game, Alyss gets better the higher her star rating is. She’s certainly good at A0 (zero stars), but she’s almost unfairly better at both A1 and A3. If she has Red Nuceli and Dark Crystals to draw her in, getting to either of those break points should be a target to aim for.

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1 star Alyss

  • A second version of Alyss spawns and uses a random bolt on the field whenever you use another Frost element ability on top of the damage you’re already doing. This also counts as a player using it, but the damage is reduced to 70%.

2-star Alyss

  • Alyss’s Unbreakable Wing Weapon ATK growth is increased by 16%.

3-star Alyss

  • In addition to her 1-star ability, you now gain support from Alyss whenever you use her Starry Night Bolt, and Starry Night and Frost damage is increased by 10% (up to 30% over three stacks) for 12 seconds.

4 star Alyss

  • Unbreakable Wing Weapon ATK growth is increased by 32%.

5 star Alyss

  • Both normal attacks and space slash attacks are increased by 35%, while allowing you to take lethal damage once and making you immune for a short time so you can recover. The cooldown on the death save is 60 seconds.

6 star alyss

  • Increases all Frost damage when supported by Alyss by 12% when support reaches three stacks.

With that full list of abilities, that’s what you can expect from Alyss if you support her. fantasy tower. He immediately strengthens any Frost team and is an easy replacement for Meryl or Tsubasa, depending on your preference. If you have Saki, Frigg, or Lin, Alyss is a great match there as well. For more guides and all things fantasy towerverify our guide center.

Featured image via Hotta Games.

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